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Our Fall Yoga Retreat

Do you love long days, warm sunshine, sunset at the beach, delicious food & enough time to fit in your favorite yoga classes?

Just as the weather is cooling off in NYC, we are taking a quick flight to Palm Beach, FL for three days of endless summer.

We hope you will join us.


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*Summer Special!*
Discounted Monthly Unlimited Yoga in NYC for just $150

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New To Yoga?

Transform Your Body - Transform Your Mind

We invite you to discover or deepen your Yoga practice at Five Pillars, where from your very first class you’ll encounter supportive, knowledgeable teachers who are here to guide the way… We seek to educate our students by teaching Yoga and its many aspects, not simply leading sequences, for a practice that will support physical health and mental balance. Check out the Benefits of Yoga for more information. See you on the mat!

New To Our Studio?

Discover What Makes Five Pillars So Special

Five Pillars Yoga is a bright and welcoming sanctuary where we #Go Deep, cultivating emotional, spiritual and physical harmony. Our boutique studio is home to some of NYC's most esteemed teachers, offering a range of yoga styles in a highly-personalized way. We seek to share ancient teachings and inspiration in an accessible way that is applicable to our modern lives, embodying the Five Pillars of the yogic lifestyle. Learn More...  

Weekly Wisdom

5 Yoga Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you ready for some inspiration for your asana practice? Check out these five amazing asanas captured by incredible photographers. These mind-blowing images demonstrate incredible strength, balance and focus. We love the dynamic relationship between the yogi and the photographer working together to present these incredible moments of practice to the world. Be sure to scroll down to the last…