Five Pillars Yoga

Our Five Pillars

We embrace these Five Pillars as tools for taking yoga off the mat and into our lives. Our aim is to cultivate a state of peace, grace and vibrant health. We believe every person is unique, therefore these pillars will mean something different to each of us and manifest in different ways. These five tenets foster mindfulness, heartfulness and soulfulness — a harmony of Mind, Body, and Spirit.



Right Movement

Asana is the foundation of the yoga practice; the body is a gateway for self-exploration and expansion of consciousness. Right Movement encourages an honoring of the body’s unique needs, limitations and strengths. The benefits of movement extend far beyond immediate fitness — it is also a cornerstone of preventative wellness and vibrant longevity. If we want to be able to raise our arms over our heads when we’re 80, we need to work those muscles today! Incorporating a practice of movement supports discipline, strength, expansion and also release.

“The issues are in the tissues… when we move the muscle, we change the thought.”


The body is a temple. Nourishing the physical body is one of our greatest responsibilities, and yet modern life makes it difficult. There is no right diet for everyone, so we must learn to listen to our bodies and nourish them according to our own unique needs. It’s not just about what we eat, but how we eat as well. Slowing down…. Chewing… Savoring… these are simple acts, but not easily incorporated into our busy lives. Honoring our hunger and thirst, eating mindfully, and choosing the combination of whole, local and organic foods wherever possible, are all practices that elevate our physical and spirit bodies.

“You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, or fake!”


Breathing is the first and last thing we ever do. Pranayama, or mindful breathing practices, are a cornerstone of observation practice — a tool for developing the capacity for attention and mindfulness. It’s so simple, and it’s always there for us. Breath is a source of energy, relaxation, and calm when needed. By bringing awareness to something we do automatically, all day, every day, breath can become an ever-present anchor into the present moment and pathway into our deepest essence.

“From your first to your last breath.”


Today, being “busy” is considered a status symbol. Once upon a time, however, it was leisure time that was a measure for success. We know that stress, prevalent in the Western world, is at the root of many chronic health issues. However we rarely have the opportunity to just… relax. In fact, Savasana (final resting posture) is often the hardest pose for urbanites. Taking time to relax and let go physically, mentally, and emotionally energizes, balances, restores and revitalizes the entire being. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity!

“Total Action brings Total Relaxation.” – Noelle Perez-Christiaens from her book Sparks of Divinity


How do we show up in the world? What energy, intention and contribution do we bring to our work, our relationships, our family and our larger community?Approaching and engaging with life from an intention of clarity, kindness and authenticity enables us to release and move into the state of grace that comes from creating a bridge between our material world and spiritual experience. We can love, speak and live with intention and from intention, bringing meaning and choice into all aspects of our lives.

“Train your intention – erase the habit”