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How to Seriously Chill Out With Music

Easy Breezy Tunes For Deep Relaxation

Are you looking for some peaceful music to help you flow through your yoga practice? 

Our Summer Ambience playlist features the artist Balmorhea, known for their incredible instrumental sounds that can lead you through a yoga practice or play in the background all day while you work.

Balmorhea has mastered their own genre, creating calming tunes that invite forth the depth of classical music while adding inspired indie twists.

I am always looking for music that inspires deep relaxation and joyful movement. Learning how to relax with music has changed my life.

Ready to get started? Take some time out from your busy life and listen to these tunes. If you only have a couple of minutes, play a single song. Let go of any expectations for yourself. And feel the rhythm. Let yourself breathe deeply. And, if you feel like it, move through your favorite postures. Or lie back and relax. Easy does it!

These innovative rhythms will help you get moving & focus your mind. So when you need some music to motivate but feel like moving without the storyline of popular songs, turn on our playlist. Take some time out to reconnect with yourself.

Step onto your mat, breathe deeply & just follow your own rhythm & flow.

Dance your yoga. Feel your grace. #GoDeep & have fun!


ॐ See you on the mat ॐ



*Photo Cred: Johncaleb Sarsfield