Five Pillars Yoga

Which Class Is Right For Me?

We offer a variety of classes so that people of all ages and all physical capabilities can practice Yoga. From strenuous to relaxing, and flowing to still, each Yoga class offers something unique to try.

Simply put – it depends on what you’re looking for… on that particular day! 
Here are some tips to help guide you:

~ If you’re new to Yoga try Yoga Basics or our Vinyasa I

~ If you’re in the mood to rest, relax, restore and slow down, try Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga or Yoga Therapeutics

~ If you’re looking to flow, get sweaty and build strength, try  our signature 360˚Vinyasa or *New 360˚ Sculpt

~ Ashtanga-based Vinyasa is a great way to learn about this particular style of yoga while strengthening and stretching.

~ We are now home to Steele Pilates! Practice with founder Terri Steele, whose revolutionary approach to Pilates that is challenging, corrective and inspiring.

We are the only studio in Manhattan to offer Yoga Therapeutic Essentials in a group class setting. Usually Yoga Therapeutic Essentials happens 1-on-1, so this is a great way to learn to heal your body, reclaim range of motion, and address specific concerns like chronic pain and injury. This class is both muscle activating and deeply relaxing, incorporating Yoga, Tai Qi, Chinese Medicine, Self Awakening Yoga, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and Physical Therapy. You’ll leave each class empowered with different tools and practices to use at home.

We encourage you to Click On the class descriptions below, and also to try classes with different teachers to explore what feels best for You. 


Five Pillars 360˚

Guided by our Five Pillars, this class is a multi-dimensional yoga experience delivering both strength & serenity. This class blends intentional and invigorating flow, strength-building postures and creative sequencing with Mindful breathwork and attention practice for a 360˚ approach to mind, body & spirit connection.

Vinyasa I

This class combines a gentle approach to flowing yoga along with stretching and strengthening. Ideal for those new to yoga, those with limited mobility, or more advanced practitioners looking to slow it down. The core of this moderate class is linking breath with movement, helping you cultivate strength, flexibility and balance.

"Truly Enjoyed this! Great supportive instructor." — Maureen C.

Vinyasa III

This powerful and invigorating flow will combine the fluid movements of Vinyasa with deeper holds, innovative sequencing, advanced postures and inversions. This is a vigorous class is recommended for more experienced practitioners.

Yoga Basics

This class is great for beginners. Each week a different aspect of the yoga practice will be introduced and explored, allowing for a deep dive into the how and why: methods, benefits and context. Weekly classes include Standing Poses, Forward Bending, Back Bending, Sun Salutations, Vinyasa, Inversions, Meditation and more. Moderate effort. All levels welcome.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga enables the body, mind and spirit to renew and heal naturally through gentle/passive effort. During class we will explore a handful of deeply relaxing poses, enabling the body to completely release and let go into the support of props, bolsters and gravity. It is suitable for all experience and fitness levels, seniors, people recovering from injury or those that wish to reduce and heal stress.

Flow & Restore

Combining moderate, flowing Vinyasa with the deep release of Restorative postures, this class offers a balanced and healing practice. By generating some strength and energy flow in the beginning of class, we set the stage for even deeper Right Relaxation in the passive, supported postures and Right Breathing that follows.

Warm Vinyasa

#GoDeep into your postures and flow with the help of a little heat! By heating the room to about 80-90˚we are able "warm up" faster facilitating deeper stretches and increased detoxification. Warm Vinyasa classes are offered at all levels, from moderate flow to more dynamic practice, and include flowing vinyasa and long holds in both active and passive postures.

Vinyasa II

Suitable for all experience levels, these well-rounded classes feature flowing movements, deeper holds, and emphasis on intentional breath, while building strength, flexibility and mindfulness. Variations for greater challenge or ease will be offered.

Yoga Therapeutic Essentials

Especially well-suited for those that think “I can’t do yoga,” this unique and healing movement practice adresses old injuries, restores mobility, nourishes joints and revitalizes muscles. Beginners, seniors, or those with chronic pain/injury will benefit from the gentle, accessible approach. Advanced practitioners have the opportunity to take their yoga practice deeply inward and expand range of motion. Therapeutic Essentials is beneficial for anyone who has ever experienced a physical or emotional trauma, injury, body strain, stress, anxiety, etc.

"I feel like I just had a massage." — Isabella M.

Ashtanga-Based Vinyasa

Based in the Ashtanga Primary Series, this deeply-strengthening and cleansing “led” class will combine movement with deep holds, all anchored by a strong emphasis on breath. Following the traditional sequence developed by Sri Patabi Jois, this is an ideal class for those who wish to explore Ashtanga Yoga and build mastery of a sequence over time.

360˚ Sculpt

This class is a well-rounded blend of invigorating vinyasa with powerful body conditioning intervals. Focusing on breath, body and mind, you’ll flow through an energetic fusion of arm work using light weights, glute and leg toning, and targeted ab and core work. A creative, curated playlist will carry you through this empowering class minutes for that endorphin rush.

Yin Yoga

In this slow and steady style of yoga, certain postures are held for longer periods of time so that the connective tissue, fascia and joints have time to release, stretch and heal. Yin can be slightly more intense than Restorative Yoga, in that some postures produce powerful stretching sensations. Yin is very relaxing and meditative, and helps alleviate stress and anxiety, as well as supports healthy sleep and digestion.

Steele Pilates

Founder Teri Lee Steele draws from her 20 years of experience as an athletic trainer, Pilates instructor, dance teacher and choreographer to combine conscious, controlled movements and sheer unadulterated physicality. Steele Pilates includes a vast repertoire of Pilates exercises which consistently challenge students, helping to build strength, endurance and range of motion.

Align & Flow

This class combines flowing Sun Salutations with strengthening and stretching postures, all with emphasis on individual anatomy and alignment. Time is taken to break down the “geometry” of a pose and the mechanics of how to safely and effectively practice it. Open to all levels, this class is challenging and highly informative.