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Daily Inspiration: Six Yoga Poses For Deep Relaxation

Sometimes We All Need A Little Inspiration....

A friend recently reached out to ask how I am doing. “I am well,” I said. “I’m finding a nice balance in life.” She responded, “Wow, that’s the BEST!!!! When that happens, life just feels IDEAL right?! Everything is just a phase though so don’t get to comfortable in it.”

As you know, while being well and balanced definitely feels good, feelings can change as quickly as circumstances. There are always challenges just around the corner that are entirely outside of our control… and plenty more that are of our own making no matter how much yoga we practice. 

One of my intentions this year is to ride the inevitable ups and downs of life with relaxed awareness. To do this, I must practice deep relaxation. Because really, how can we move through life with relaxed awareness if we are always racing from one responsibility to another… or one challenging posture to another? Sometimes in life, we have to learn things in our bodies before the lesson translates to our minds.

Sometimes we need to simplify and slow down. Basic yoga postures can help us to do just that. These postures help us to take it easy, let go and deeply relax. 

The following yoga poster will give you the inspiration you need to relax into some basic postures and make the most of a sweet moment in-between responsibilities.