Five Pillars Yoga

Eight Simple Tricks To Truly Relax & Reset This Weekend

Make your time off count!

A break from technology?? Abstaining from hangover brunch?? Go ahead, give it a try… it’s only a couple of days!


  1. EASY DOES IT Clear the slate and try a staycation. Say “No” to commitments or invitations that do not have your whole being shouting “Yes!” Can you take the family or loved ones out for a neighborhood walk or bike ride? Do you feel energized by hosting an easy potluck? What activities bring you joy without too much effort? What would it feel like to not do all the things you think you should do, and instead do only the things you want to do.


  1. RENEW & RECONNECT Get outdoors first thing in the morning and head out into nature. This might be your own backyard, a local park or the great outdoors a bit further afield. Enjoy the fresh air, breathe deep and move your body!


  1. FAST FROM TECHNOLOGY Take a break from technology (that probably means work too!) for 24-48 hours. Notice what happens. Yes it’s tough. Watch the urges to return to your devices and responsibilities rise and fall. Observe how you connect with your friends and family during your fast.


Assorted summer berries (raspberries, strawberries, cherries, currants, gooseberries)

  1. NOURISH Whether you stay at home or head out, prepare healthy food, including snacks, to nourish your amazing bod when you get hungry. The weekend is often a time for indulgence (heavy brunches, decadent dinners out), see what happens when you opt for healthful and delicious. Play with the idea of not drinking all weekend. Or see how it feels to truly enjoy just one glass of wine.


  1. HAVE FUN! What makes you laugh, let go, and play!? Dance party in the living room? Throwing a frisbee? A trip to the beach? Reading a magazine? Prioritize fun. Give yourself permission to be a fun junkie.


  1. ENERGIZE Remember, a little bit of heart pumping activity can increase overall relaxation. Explore if you like to energize alone or en masse – is a solo jog your idea of heaven, or a group soccer game? Pay attention to activities that give you an energy boost versus activities that drain your vitality.


  1. PAMPER Go ahead, schedule a massage, or plan an at-home spa day. Take some time for a leisurely bath with Epsom salts and essential oils, do a deep conditioning hair treatment, or do a few restorative yoga poses to send you into a state of bliss. Light a candle or two, you deserve it!



  1. REFLECT, PLAN & PREPARE: Reflect on the effort you made to show up to your weekend with a proactive, positive outlook and thank yourself for rocking it! Plan for a light, home-cooked Sunday dinner and leave plenty of time to prep for your week. Get to bed early and begin the week refreshed and ready to take on the world!