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Essential Indulgence

Reap the benefits of massage and body work at Soho Sanctuary

Some people think of massage as a luxury, and while it certainly is an indulgent experience, I consider body work to be more of a necessity when it comes to whole-body health.

Thankfully the Mayo Clinic, the Wall Street Journal and others back me up! From easing tension and anxiety to improving circulation, and boosting immune function to reducing inflammation, more and more research shows the broad range of health benefits massage delivers.

Then there’s the part where it feels amazing. Especially when performed by a truly transcendental massage therapist. It’s easy to find a good massage, but tough to find something truly special. Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork.

Soho Sanctuary is exactly what the name describes — a haven for relaxation in the middle of downtown’s bustling, upscale shopping district.

Occupying two stories in a historic loft building, overlooking Mercer’s picturesque cobblestones, Soho Sanctuary is a true retreat for the body and mind.

Here you’ll find a full suite of body and beauty services, along with a small, specialized fitness studio, all exclusively for women. Spend an hour or spend the day, and we promise you’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world (even the Barney’s warehouse sale).

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The gracious loft-like space is airy and quiet with whitewashed brick and light hardwood throughout, the perfect atmosphere to unwind and recharge.




Among the services we love are the Organic Herbal Scrub and the Thai Yoga Massage. Booked together these offer a lovely blend of detoxification, deep relaxation and ultimately rejuvenation — sloughing off the old, and clearing the flow of energy within and without.


But, at Soho Sanctuary, the real draw isn’t a service, it’s a person: Regine Rousseau

Simply put, Regine will change your life. Just ask any of the attendees of our Summer Wellness Retreat, each of whom experienced a signature massage with this goddess. Besides massage therapy, Regine’s education and training spans East to West, from Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese healing, to orthopedic massage and medicine, and all the way back to the yogic Chakra systems. She channels all of this into sessions with clients, delivering a massage that is integrative and deeply therapeutic. Oh, and she’s strong!


The good news is, that all of Soho Sanctuary’s other therapists are highly skilled, so whatever your pleasure, you’ll be in good hands. Soho Sanctuary also offers an extensive selection of pre- and post-natal services designed to keep mothers (and mamas-to-be!) glowing and at their best. In between treatments, detoxify in the aromatherapy steamScreen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.38.48 PM room or snack on dried fruit and herbal tea in the relaxation lounge. If you’re heading right from the spa to an event, stop by the Beauty Loft for a manicure, pedicure, wax, lash tint or makeup application. Services like these might not make the WSJ health report, but they certainly contribute in their own ways!


From the impeccable personalized service to the fluffy robes, every detail contributes to the healing experience. Soho Sanctuary’s founder wanted to create an escape from “the pressures of work, family, and the city’s dizzying pace of life,” and lucky for us, we can attest to her success.