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Let Go With The Flow

It's Fall Equinox - The Perfect Time to Embrace The Courageous Act of Release

Autumn heralds change… lush greens give way to brilliant scarlet, orange and yellow. Then, inevitably, leaves dry and curl and drop. This release is part of the natural cycle of life. The trees don’t fight it — and the results are glorious! So why should we?

This fall, see how it feels to embrace the idea of letting go.

Most of us know we’re inherently resistant to change. And that’s what letting go is. It’s releasing something that is our normal, our status quo. It’s changing something we’re used to. What’s on the other side is an unknown, and this is biologically and psychologically scary for us.

The good news is, this can be a practice. We can just give it a try. There are lots of areas in our lives to explore Letting Go.

~ Some are perhaps easier — try cleaning out your closet and getting rid of clothes you haven’t worn in ages, or clear out your junk drawer.

~ Some might be more challenging, like taking stock of your friendships and letting go of connections that are at best not working, and at worst, toxic or abusive.

~ Some might be in the physical realm — is it time to let go of smoking, eating too much sugar, or other habits that aren’t healthy for you?

~ Some might be in the emotional realm, such as letting go of negative self-talk or an old script you constantly fall back on.


Clinical and spiritual psychologist Tara Brach is in synch with the season! Just a few days ago she released a beautiful guided mediation on Letting Go of Judgement. Click here to listen.


You might explore letting go of expectations you place on a friend, child or partner. Or perhaps even unfair expectations you put on yourself.

Especially an expectation that “Letting Go” is an easy task. It’s not. It takes courage. Let it be a practice. Give it a try in the areas that you’re able. And you may find that, over time, as you get used to it, you’re able to let go of more difficult things, bigger things, and you’ll discover that “you’ll be ok” on the other side.

More than “Ok” in fact… Because even though we know that letting go is hard, we also know that when we clear the way, new things can arise. Out with the old, in with the new. We let go of the old, dry, brittle and stagnant to make room for new, fresh, vibrant opportunities in all realms. And why fight that?