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Strike a Pose to Strike Down Illegal Poaching

Who can imagine a world without elephants?

These magnificent creatures embody wisdom, connection and graceful strength. They form deep bonds, display complex social behaviors, rituals and communal care. Elephants can communicate at a frequency below human hearing and this vibration can travel for miles, coordinating group activities such as courtship or mourning the death of a herd member. They teach, they play, they love.

The global demand for their ivory has fed a brutal slaughter, which claims the lives of 96 elephants every day.

Julie Larsen Maher/Wildlife Conservation Society

Julie Larsen Maher/Wildlife Conservation Society

Let us not be the generation that sees the extinction of Elephants due to illegal ivory trade, poaching and greed. Let us join together with the Wildlife Conservation Society for the 96Elephants Campaign and raise awareness and funds to combat this brutal violence.


This Summer Solstice join Yogis around the world who are dedicating their practice to Elephants. As elephant activist Seane Corn says, let your body be a prayer, a prayer of support and education. Participate on Social Media to raise awareness but don’t stop there. DONATE. Get involved. Check out the resources on 96Elephants and become an Elephant Hero.


Pose. Challenge. Donate.
Make Your Practice Count.

96Elephants is inviting yogis to strike Elephant Trunk Pose, Eka Hasta Bhujasana, share the photo and tag three friends to spread the word and spread the love.

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There are great variations for beginners and advanced practitioners – check out these instructive videos to take your Elephant pose to the next level!