Five Pillars Yoga

Music & Movement – Playlist 1

Get inspired and get moving with our August Asana Playlist

Life is busy. Believe me, we know! Many of us practice yoga to find that stillness and strength amid the swirling activities of job, fun, family. Sometimes, however, just when we need a yoga class the most, the time doesn’t match up with our schedules or we simply run out of hours in the day!

So what to do?

For some, grabbing a quick home practice is already a habit. But for others, it feels like something only super-dedicated yogis do.

In class, motivation often comes from the voice of a teacher encouraging us to bring full strength, attention and awareness to our postures. But we can also draw inspiration from the steady rhythm of music that speaks directly to the soul, right at home.

While we love seeing you here at Five Pillars, we’re also eager to support your total yoga lifestyle and your practice outside of the studio. So we’ve put together a light, bright 25-minute playlist for you to use at home.

If you’re just dipping your toe into the home practice realm, don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Listen to the music, find your breath, and listen to what the body wants to do. Let your yoga move through you!


You’ll find this playlist starts off soft and sweet, builds a bit of heat and then slows down for final resting posture… so just follow the rhythm.


Still want a bit of guidance?

Stretch a bit on the floor, take a few warriors, or perhaps use our standing core-strengthening sequence, flow through a sun salute or two, and then come back to the floor for a seated forward fold over extended legs or a pigeon pose before allowing yourself to relax right into Savasana.




Go ahead…. Go Deep!