Five Pillars Yoga

New Year’s Intentions

Discover Our Top 15 Practices to Bring Into the New Year!

Are you setting some new intentions for 2018? Do you hope to align your actions with the wise and integrated self you experience during meditation & yoga practice?

Setting intentions for the New Year is a process rather than something we need to do overnight. Taking time for reflection and considering the opportunity that comes with a brand new year requires a pause. Rather than reducing this important process to superficial goals such a “lose 5 lbs,” setting intentions can be an ongoing process that helps our actions to align with our highest sense of purpose and Self. 

The Upanishads, a classic Vedic text, speaks to the power of intention & desire, “You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

To support your process, we have compiled a list of some of the best of last year’s wisdom and are offering some encouragement & resources based on our Five Pillars: Right Movement, Right Breathing, Right Nutrition, Right Intention, & Right Relaxation. Choose your favorites and tag us on Instagram or Facebook @fivepillarsyoga to let us know your progress!

Right Movement: 

  • 1. Start a Daily Yoga Practice: Do you want to start a daily yoga or meditation practice but feel overwhelmed with a full schedule? Or, do you wonder how to get started and stay focused without the guidance of a teacher? Discover our top four tips to start a daily yoga practice: Read More.

  • 2. Keep Your Bones Healthy With These 12 Daily Postures: A compelling study on yoga and bone mineral density came out back in late 2015 after a decade of research, revealing new findings that support recommending yoga as a therapy for people experiencing bone loss. Studies revealed that bone density of the spine and femur improved during a period of people’s lives when gaining bone density is rare and many lose bone density. Read More.

  • 3. Walk or Run More Often. Then Practice Yoga for Walkers & Runners: We could all use a little more beneficial cardiovascular activity, followed by some delicious yoga, of course, to stretch out our sore & tight muscles. Yoga helps walkers & runners to focus on breathing rhythmically and lifting the heart, allowing the shoulder blades to glide down the back, creating ease and grace. And for those who are experiencing a break from running due to injury or strain, yoga can provide a healing pathway to recovery. Discover our quick & easy yoga practices for walkers & runners, including a warmup & a cool down sequence! Read More.

Right Breathing:

  • 4. Incorporate Some Daily Breathing Practices This Year: Try Alternate Nostril Breathing, our favorite pranayama (aka breathing practice) for inner balance and harmony. Also known as Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, Alternate Nostril Breathing synchronizes the right and left hemispheres of the brain, helping to focus the mind and keep unwanted stress and anxiety at bay. Read More.

  • 5. Practice Pranayama During your Daily/Weekly Swim: If you love swimming and are interested in deepening your pranayama practice on the mat, you are in for a wonderful surprise. Whether you swim laps or enjoy water recreationally, you probably recognize that swimming can transform the way you feel. Similar to yoga, the before and after effects are astounding! A powerful, low-impact activity, swimming can also become a incredible pranayama. Read More.

  • 6. Practice Right Breathing- Breathing With Awareness: To help you stay balanced and healthy, we are offering a simple remedy for stress and anxiety: Right Breathing. Just to be clear, there’s a not a wrong way to breathe. Right Breathing is simply breathing with awareness, tuning into the body’s senses and paying attention to our breath. When we become aware of our breath, the miracle of breathing becomes illuminated and our state of mind shifts toward the present moment releasing stress and anxiety. Read More.

Right Nutrition:

  • 7. Nourish Yourself: Incorporate more superfoods into your diet. Superfoods are whole, unprocessed foods that contain a concentrated amount of nutrients. They are nutrition powerhouses. These incredible, natural packages have superpowers such as warding off cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and more! When you consume seasonal superfoods regularly, your skin will glow, your digestion will be incredible, and your inner superpowers will be unleashed as your mind clears and your body thanks you. Read More.

  • 8. Drink More Water- Hydrate the Ayurvedic way: By now you’ve probably heard the recommendation to drink eight glasses of water per day. But the reality of hydration is more complex. After all, each of us has a unique constitutional makeup, with diverse needs. We each have different habits that may dehydrate our bodies. Plus, there are quick and easy tips to help your body to absorb water and stay hydrated you won’t want to miss. Read More.

  • 9. Incorporate More Plant-Based Nutrition: Are you inspired to eat more plant-based meals? These three plant-based food blogs are chalk full of enchanting seasonal recipes that make ditching animal flesh tasteful and easy. Each author embraces her own creative spin, drawing from international cuisine and local flavors. Read More.

Right Intention: 

  • 10. Begin a Daily Meditation Practice: Are you looking to start the New Year with powerful intentions and a meditation practice? We are thrilled to offer a series of four meditation workshops with Terrence Monte. Designed to support your ongoing personal practice, you will experience a deep sense of inner peace and resilience during your meditation and all year long! Read More.

  • 11. Invest in Non-Toxic Beauty & Household Products: Our skin, our largest organ, absorbs what we put on it: The ingredients in our body lotions, shampoos, lipsticks and sunscreens eventually make their way into our bloodstreams. The products we use impact us in much the same ways as the foods we eat—turns out you are what you apply, too. Read More.

  • 12. Strengthen the Muscle of Empathy: According to Brené Brown, we can all strengthen our muscle of empathy, lending an ear or a shoulder to cry on in a constructive way. This three minute video points out a couple of simple yet critical differences between empathy and sympathy, ultimately revealing a path to true connection that isn’t that complicated! Read More. To #GoDeeper, consider attending one of our FREE talks called Honest Conversations beginning this February: Learn More.

Right Relaxation:

  • 13. Reverse Stress & Balance the Adrenals: We can take positive action in our lives to reverse unwanted stress and restore equilibrium in our bodies and our minds. 1) Practice Yoga Daily 2) Nourish Yourself 3) Discover the perfect adaptogenic herb blend for YOU! Read More.

  • 14. Unwind With Our Essential Yoga Reading List: In anticipation of all of those blissful, unscheduled self-care hours you’ve set aside for yourself this year (right?), here are a few yoga-ish books to nourish your soul. Read More.

  • 15. Soothe Your Soul With Our Yoga Playlists: Are you ready to experience deep relaxation and dive deep into a full hour of music that will soothe your soul? As the days become shorter and the weather becomes icy, listening to our Winter Acoustic Yoga Playlist can provide the rhythm and support needed to let go of long “To-Do” lists and step onto the yoga mat. Or create some blissful calm with this 25 minute Mantra Playlist full of inspiration perfect for relaxation on and off the mat.