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The Five Pillars Advanced Training Programs reflect our commitment to serve our community by continuing to offer sophisticated and comprehensive programming in the art and science of Yoga. Led by top teachers, these courses facilitate learning in  asana, philosophy, anatomy, advanced teaching practices, yoga therapeutic essentials, and much more.

Each program can be taken on its own, or as part of the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. Programs are intended for teachers, and open to enthusiastic practitioners.



For Yoga Teachers

Advanced your teaching voice and style, hone your skills, develop your unique gifts and follow your passions.

Complete required modules and coursework to earn your 300-hour certification. Or participate in modules “a la carte” without working to earn your 300-Hour certification.

For Life-Long Students

Advance your practice, discover deeper connection with yoga’s philosophy and greater context, expand your abilities with different styles of Asana.

These modules are an ideal way for yoga practitioners to build an even deeper relationship with the many dimensions of yoga, and to finally discover philosophical or meditative aspects.


Advanced Asana:

Preparing the Body, Preparing the Class

Led by Olga Palladino

Dates: TBD
Location: NYC

Join Olga Palladino in unpacking yoga’s advanced asana. Experience muscle conditioning practices, learn to expand the body’s range of motion and stability to embody progressively challenging postures, and learn proper sequencing techniques to help your class prepare and practice these shapes.

This 25-hour training takes place over one weekend.

Curriculum includes:
• Extended classes with Olga sequenced to advanced inversions, arm balances, and deep stretches
• Advanced Posture Practice
• Conditioning exercises
• Asana Labs, posture demonstration, practice and practice teaching
• Sequencing classes
• Context of A&P, benefits and contraindications

SCHEDULE: Fri 6pm-9pm – Sat 8am-8pm – Sun 8am-6pm
PRICING: $550 ($450 Early Bird, by March 15th)


The Art of Assists

Led by Olga Palladino

Dates: TBD
Location: NYC


Anyone who has taken class with Olga has experienced the benefits of her masterful hands-on assists. Appropriate and skillful adjustments offer students the opportunity to go into postures in a deep and supported way. Learn the techniques and practice of offering both light touch and deep hands-on assists to your students to aid in all posture categories, promote safe practice and facilitate advancement.

This 25-hour training takes place over two weekends.

Curriculum includes:
• Morning Practice with emphasis on specific posture categories
• Assists labs, unpacking and practicing adjustments
• Appropriate boundaries, touch & consent – the Yamas & Niyamas in role of yoga teacher
• Benefits, Contraindications
• How To & Injury prevention – maintaining proper form while assisting

SCHEDULE: Fri 6pm-9pm – Sat 8am-8pm – Sun 8am-6pm
PRICING: $550 ($450 early bird by April 1st)
PREREQUISITES: 200-Hour YTT Certification


Yoga Therapeutic Essentials: Movement Inquiries 

Led By Erika Mehiel

Location: NYC
2020 Dates TBD


“Symptoms are not enemies to be destroyed, but Sacred Messengers who encourage us to take better care of ourselves.” Learn to Listen…


Discover an accessible and corrective method of Yoga Therapeutic Essentials that will assist you and your students reclaim range of motion, nourish joints and muscles, manage chronic issues and heal the body in a multi-dimensional way. This training will cover Movement Inquiries drawing from Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics, Feldenkrais, Somatic Sensing, developmental movement, gentle asana and more.

This 50-hour training takes place over two weekends, one per month. 

Curriculum includes:

• Dynamic Stretching, Muscle Reactivation Exercises and Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics
• Koshas & Subtle Body Anatomy
• Physiological and Neurological Context (the science behind the method)
• Pranayama, Breathwork, Guided Relaxation and Somatic techniques
• Effective ways to address common issues in the shoulders, neck, low back, hips & knees
• Conscious Communication, student intake & Language to teach or share these techniques
• Asana Labs, benefits, contraindications
• Sequencing & practice teaching

SCHEDULE: Fri 6pm-9pm – Sat 8am-8pm – Sun 8am-6pm
PRICING: $1125 ($1025 early bird by Sept 1st)


Creative & Intentional Sequencing
for Vinyasa Yoga

Led by Stefanie Eris & Lauren Harris


Location: NYC
2020 Dates TBD

Join Stefanie & Lauren For a comprehensive exploration of vinyasa yoga sequencing and class structure for all levels of practice. Learn how to better serve your students by creating more thoughtful, engaging and safer vinyasa classes — and offer better classes to all yogis regardless of their yoga experience.

Curriculum includes:
• Shape theory, pose orientation and variations
• Peak pose theory, building a class
• Inclusivity and accommodations for pregnancy, body size and injury
• Chakras, Koshas & Ayurvedic themed sequencing

SCHEDULE: Fri 6pm-9pm – Sat 8am-8pm – Sun 8am-6pm
PRICING: $550 ($450 early bird Sept 30th)



Pranayama & Meditation Immersion

Led by Miles Borrero


Location: NYC

Join Miles for an immersive exploration of consciousness and the subtle body as a way to deepen the powerful practices of Pranayama and Meditation.

Pranayama and Meditation go hand in hand with understanding the landscape of consciousness and how it works. Ancient yogis have studied consciousness for ages and have developed a roadmap for us to follow. Develop or deepen your own relationship with the yogic limbs of Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi, gaining a felt understanding of how one can lead to another, and how dedicated practice can yield progressively deeper layers of awareness. Learn to serve your students in more meaningful breathwork and guided meditation in private and class settings.

This immersive and experiential program will include yoga practice, discussion, lecture & Q&A. We will experience the practice of pranayama & meditation, unpack them intellectually and explore their benefits and applications.

Curriculum includes:
• Discussion of the 5 Koshas and how they come into play in the practices of Pranayama and Meditation
• Pranayama Practices, benefits, contraindications and applications
• A variety of meditative practices and applications
• Philosophical context for the practices
• Learning to lead from a place of embodied authenticity

SCHEDULE: Friday 6pm-9pm; Sat & Sun 8am-6pm with breaks
PRICING: $550 ($450 early bird Nov 20th)


Right Relaxation:

Foundational Restorative & Yin Yoga

Led By Erika Mehiel

Location : NYC
2021 DATES Coming Soon


Discover the transformational power and healing magic of stillness-based asana practice. The deep relaxation of Restorative Yoga enables the body, mind and spirit to renew and heal naturally through gentle/passive effort, while the long-held stretches of Yin Yoga allow connective tissue, fascia and joints time to release, hydrate and recalibrate. Yin & Restorative can (and should!) be used in personal practice, taught on their own, or incorporated into other class styles.

This 50-hour training takes place over two weekends, one per month. 

Curriculum includes:

• Dedicated practice in Yin & Restorative, plus complementary movement practices to prepare the body for relaxation.
• Right Relaxation: the nervous system, effects of chronic stress
• A&P of Static stretching, the fascial network and spinal health
• Pranayama, Breathwork, Guided Relaxation, Yoga Nidra and Somatic technique
• Sequencing, home practice, & practice teaching
• Asana Labs, benefits & contraindications

SCHEDULE: Fri 6pm-9pm – Sat 8am-8pm – Sun 9am-7pm (with breaks)
PRICING: $1125 ($1025 early bird by Dec 15, 2019)



Philosophy In Action

Led by Miles Borrero

Our practice is the training ground where we come home to ourselves and fulfill the potential of our deepest nature, our dharma.

Location: NYC
Dates: TBD


Philosophy in Action is a modern yogi’s guide to ancient practices and how a deeper understanding of them can significantly improve modern day life and/or your voice as a teacher. This course will weave together the ancient practices and philosophies of mantra, pranayama, the chakra system, meditation, the koshas and myth in a way that allows us to better understand and fulfill our Dharma. It is meant to offer the modern yogi a roadmap and a tether to the lineage of this marvelous, vast practice so that they may better understand, digest and incorporate it into their modern lives in a way that is meaningful and practical. Special emphasis on energy anatomy, vibration & self study.

This 25-hour training takes place over one weekend.

Curriculum includes:
• Asana practice with emphasis on Chakras and Vayus
• Study of Sound, Nada yoga, sargam (which is like asana for sound), Mantra & Kirtan
Gods and Monsters and the Power of  Myth 
• Chakra Shodhana, Pranayama, Guided Meditation & Kosha study

PRICING: $550 ($450 early bird)



Functional Anatomy in Asana

Led by Joe Miller

Location: NYC
Fall 2020 : Dates coming soon


Ideal for teachers developing their skills or anatomy buffs wishing to learn more about their own body, this course will examine musculoskeletal anatomy body and application of anatomy to asana practice in standing postures, forward folds and backbends, and weight bearing on hands. This training combines experiential learning with lecture, demonstration and Q&A.

Curriculum includes:
• Musculoskeletal anatomy of the Upper Limb, Lower Limb, Axial skeleton and Trunk
• Major joints, bones, ligaments and muscles
• Understanding and applying anatomical differences in teaching
• Application of anatomy to asana practice and to teaching

SCHEDULE: Friday 6 – 9pm, Saturday 8-8pm, Sunday 8-6pm *with breaks
PRICING: $550 ($450 early bird by 2/20)


The Physiology of Yoga

Led by Joe Miller

Location: NYC
Dates: TBD, 2020/2021



This course provide a critical overview of major body systems,  Yoga Physiology and homeostasis. We will focus on Muscles, Connective Tissues, Respiratory and Circulatory systems, Nervous & Endocrine systems. Ideal for teachers developing their skills or anatomy buffs wishing to learn more about their own body, this training combines experiential learning with lecture, demonstration and Q&A.

Curriculum includes:
• Biomechanics and physiology of bone, cartilage, ligaments and tendons
• Muscle physiology and biomechanics
• Anatomy of Breathing; Respiratory and circulatory physiology
• Structure and function of nervous and endocrine systems
• Application of physiology to yoga practice and teaching

PRICING: $550 ($450 early bird)


Prenatal Yoga:

Supporting Health & Vibrance Through the 4 Trimesters
and Beyond


Led by Laura Cresci

Location: NYC
Dates TBD

Develop the skills needed to create a safe and empowering yoga experience for expectant moms to feel vibrant, confident and supported during each stage of pregnancy. We’ll explore anatomy and physiology by trimester including physical changes, hormones, the pelvic floor, discomfort and how yoga can help plus postures, modifications and use of props. Beyond skill building for teachers,  this course is highly recommended for expecting, or TTC women who want to incorporate yoga more deeply into their wellness practices.

Curriculum includes:
• Physical and biological changes to the female body
• Development and growth of the baby, the stages of labor, and birth plans
• Debunking myths about pregnancy and exercise
• Breathing, relaxation and meditative techniques that may be used throughout pregnancy and into labor and delivery
• Postpartum considerations, depression, diastasis, and stages of recovery and returning to the mat
• Structuring classes for prenatal + safe practices for pregnant yogis in open-level class

SCHEDULE: Fri 6pm-9pm – Sat 8am-8pm – Sun 9am-7pm (with breaks)
PRICING: $550 ($450 early bird)


Moving Medicine:

Embodying the Wisdom of Ayurveda


Led by Erika Mehiel


Location: NYC
Sept 18, 19, 20 2020


Ayurveda and Yoga were both born from Samkhya philosophy and raised together in India as sister-sciences. Traditionally, Yoga technologies were not practiced until someone was well-established in their physical body through utilizing the healing principles and self-care practices inherent in Ayurvedic Medicine. In this course we will explore Ayurveda’s fundamentals, developing a keener capacity to “see” what can benefit our students while deepening our sense of what “establishing balance” means through Ayurveda’s unique lens. Ultimately, we will weave Ayurvedic wisdom through our Yoga practice rendering our teaching a form of moving medicine.

Curriculum includes:

• Exploring the Five Elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth) and how they manifest in the body.
• An in-depth dive into the Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) as an assessment tool to understand personalities, behaviors, needs and health challenges, and as a blueprint to personalize Yoga for individuals
• Specific asanas that balance each Dosha, including sequencing, language cues, sankalpa and dristi.
• Discovering the alchemical power of prana through Dosha-appropriate pranayama, bandhas, visualizations and meditation techniques.
• Aromatherapy as healing agent along with essential oil protocols that anoint the body at chosen marma points (Ayurveda’s acupuncture system) to balance the Doshas.
• Dinacharya: the wisdom of a daily self-care regimen and specific practices for the Elements and Doshas (this course will allow us the time to create a personal Dinacharya to live the wisdom as we teach it)
• How the beauty of Ayurveda adds depth and dimension to our practice and teaching.

SCHEDULE: Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 8-8pm (with breaks) Sunday 9-6pm (with breaks)
PRICING: $550 ($450 early bird – EXTENDED through Feb 10th)


Trauma Sensitive Yoga:

A Journey to the Heart of Metta-Morphosis

Led by Alana Layne Greenberg


Location: NYC


This course focuses on understanding the multi-faceted world of trauma and its impact on our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. We will learn how to reframe trauma’s negative effects into opportunities to be wiser and more self-loving, yoking with the heart through mindful yoga practices. As we unpack the pranic implications of holding trauma in the body, we’ll discover that unwinding and thawing this “frozen potential” offers new possibilities for stability, self acceptance, healing and vitality.


Curriculum includes:

• Trauma’s neurological, physiological, mental and emotional impacts.
• The signature symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS-E) and how to recognize it in ourselves and/or our students.
• The nervous system: sympathetic and parasympathetic pendulation; the vagus nerve and its crucial role in digestion and cultivating resilience.
• Asana, pranayama and meditation practices that recalibrate the nervous system; bilateral practices that help integrate our experiences
• Trauma healing from the vantage points of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine
• Yoga Nidra & Pratyahara – fine-tuning the inner eye and inner ear for greater proprioceptive awareness and presencing, building capacity for quantum leaps in consciousness.
• Aroma as healing agent, plus specific protocols that anoint the body with essential oils for nervous system tonification and Post Traumatic Stress relief.
• The empowering news emerging from the fields of neuroscience and psychoimmunology that confirm we are naturally wired for self-healing
• Self-care practices to keep us well-boundaried, nourished and energized.

Upon completion of this course, you will be well-equipped with a toolkit to offer private sessions and classes with greater sensitivity to trauma and Yoga’s role in relieving its symptoms. You’ll have the confidence to help your students “come home” to themselves in a way that fosters deeper embodiment, encourages self-listening, establishes safety and enlivens the muscle of trust.

PRICING: $550 ($450 early bird)


360˚ Sculpt

A Signature Five Pillars Yoga Experience

Led by Karen Mehiel


Location: NYC
Schedule: TBD Fall 2020

This course will cover specific calisthenic and conditioning exercises, core strengthening and light-weight exercises that develop strength, tone and range within the body, plus complementary yoga asana and fusion asana. Sequencing, benefits and contraindications will be covered. We will emphasize accessibility, empowerment and transformation in both dharma talks and in class structure. Graduates will be equipped to lead specialized yoga fusion classes at multiple levels, for both private and group classes.

Curriculum includes:

• Class practices to experience techniques and messaging
• Asana labs to learn movement sets, with practice teaching
• Techniques to promote longevity, support bone health and muscle retention.
• Sequencing work, pose/counter pose, activation, complementary stretching and pendulation
• Modifications & addressing specific goals and concerns
• Dharma talks & use of playlists

PRICING: $550 ($450 early bird)


Yoga Teaching Mentorship

Led by Olga Palladino, Erika Mehiel & David Marshall

Location: NYC & Water Mill
Schedule: Ongoing Enrollment

This incredible opportunity is designed for graduates of 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings who are looking to refine their teaching skills, knowledge and confidence.

Over the course of the 50-hour program, you will work with your Mentor to identify areas for deeper study – including language and cuing, assists, sequencing, anatomy, and more.

Curriculum includes:
• One-on-One Development Meetings, Assists Labs & Asana Labs with your mentor
• In-studio class observation, assistance and participation
• Creation, critique and revision of 4 class sequences
• Available areas of concentration include: Creative Dynamic Sequencing,

SCHEDULE: Rolling enrollment
PRICING: $1400 (Five Pillars Grads $1150)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Teachers wishing to earn their 300-hour certification through Yoga Alliance (RYT-300 or RYT-500) must successfully complete the Five Pillars required modules modules totaling 300 hours. Additional modules can be taken as electives or continuing education.

The required modules include Vinyasa Essentials, Philosophy, Anatomy & Physiology, and Therapeutic Essentials.

Once complete, you will then upload your 300-hour certificate on the Yoga Alliance website. When the 300-hour certificate is added to your already registered 200-hour certificate, you can register as an RYS-500 hour teacher.

A Yoga Alliance accredited 200-hour certificate is required to earn Yoga Alliance RYS-300 or RYS-500 status.

Absolutely! Each Advanced Module is a complete educational experience. The Advanced Modules can be taken individually or combined. Teachers who already have their 300- or 500-certification, or those who do not wish to earn the RYT-300/RYT-500 status can simply take whichever course/courses they wish without worrying about requirements.

Modules will be offered each year. It is likely that the whole program would take between 1.5 and 3 years – if undertaken at a more moderate pace and with time for integration of modules. It may be possible to complete the 300-hour in about one year, depending on outside work/life requirements and responsibilities. There is no time limit, however. So, some teachers might do some advanced trainings right after their 200-hour, and then come back 10 years later for more education 😉

Yes. Five Pillars has Registered Yoga School-200 and advanced -300 status. We pride ourselves on developing the most rigorous and comprehensive curricula and are proud to work with Yoga Alliance to uphold the highest standards in Yoga Education and Teacher Training. All programs will meet and exceed the Yoga Alliance curriculum standards for advanced trainings.

Absolutely. We welcome yogis from all studios.

If your 200-hour certificate from your previous studio is Yoga Alliance certified, then our 300-hour certificate will qualify you for Yoga Alliance RYT-300/500 status. If your previous studio was not Yoga Alliance certified, you will earn a certificate of completion from us for your 300-hour training, however you would not be eligible for RYT-300 status. In other words, you must be a YA RYT-200 in order to qualify as a YA RYT-300.

Absolutely! Many of these programs will appeal to yogis who want to learn more about the practice and develop different knowledge in philosophy, Ayurveda, meditation etc. Many yogis may wish to learn new movements or address personal injury or pain. Many will wish to master advanced postures. While these courses equip teachers with additional professional skills, you do not need to be a teacher to do the work and gain the wisdom. All of the subject matter is highly applicable to you individually (or perhaps even to your family or other professions such as health care practitioners, mediators, educational professionals, etc.).

Many of these programs are wonderfully suited to beginners. All of the Philosophy, Restorative, Therapeutics, Pranayama & Meditation, even the Anatomy & Physiology is open to all levels. Advanced Asana is not appropriate for beginners, and Art of Assists is only open to teachers or comparable professionals (such as massage therapists, Reiki practitioners etc.)

For those earning teaching credit, there might be reading and written assignments, sequence writing, class observation, etc. For those “auditing” classes as non-teachers, homework is optional.

Some programs have required texts that will need to be purchased by the student.

Some programs require participants to attend or observe studio classes as part of the learning experience. For each 25-hour module, students receive 3 studio classes. For each 50-hour module, students receive 6 studio classes. These classes can be used for practice during or after the program. These comped classes do not need to be used for observing class. There is no charge for observing classes as part of the training program.

A $200 deposit is non-refundable, however can be transferred to another program. The deadline for transfer is 30-days prior to original start date. In the event that the program is canceled, the full enrollment fee will be returned.


300-Hour Curriculum Requirements

In order to earn your 300-Hour Teaching Certification from Five Pillars Yoga, you must complete 300 hours of training, according to the categories below, plus coursework, in-studio practice and teaching practicum.

You must have completed a 200-Hour Teacher Training to qualify for 300-Hour Certification

Required Categories

Develop advanced Vinyasa techniques, hone your teaching voice, create more intentional and sophisticated sequences and learn to assist; Expand into subtle body practices, accessibility and philosophy.

Vinyasa Essentials
• Advanced Asana (25)
• Art of Assists (50)
• Sequencing (25)

Philosophy Essentials 
• Philosophy in Action (25)
• Pranayama & Meditation (25)

Therapeutic Essentials
• Therapeutic Movement Inquiries (50)
• Foundational Yin & Restorative (50)

A&P Essentials
• Functional Anatomy in Asana (25)
• Yoga Physiology (25)
• Moving Medicine: Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers (25)


Elective Modules

Hone your skills and follow your particular passions with any of the following optional modules

• Prenatal Yoga (25)

• Trauma Sensitive (25)

• Sculpt & Flow (25)

• Yoga Mentorship (50)

• Retreats (25-50)




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