Five Pillars Yoga

Fit Crasher – Autumn 2015

Meaghan from Fit Crasher, an NYC native exercise & fitness blogger extraordinaire,  paid a visit to the studio the other day for a class with our co-founder and yoga director Olga. From the location of the buzzer to the soap in the powder room, and the flow of the class to the placement of the props, no detail escaped her attention. And needless to say, we’re big fans of cultivating attention!

If you’re curious about the studio, she took some great photos and she reviews every last detail on her site. Check it out! 


Some highlights:

~ The thing that struck me first about the space was the abundance of natural light. There are windows at either end of the studio that look out on trees, creating an airy feeling of being taken out of the rush of the city and dropped into an airy haven.

~ …. like something out of an interior design magazine.

~ Every pose was intentional. We took our time. We put in the work. It was wonderful.

~ Savasana came and Olga again came around to each student to give them a little head and neck massage with some aromatherapy oils. I have no idea what the scent was but it was gorgeous. At this point, sixty minutes after I arrived, I was floating on cloud nine. I felt calm. Invigorated. Relaxed. And totally at peace with the past hour. What a gift.


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