Five Pillars Yoga

The Benefits of Props in Savasana

B.K.S. Iyengar adds a bit of weight to his Savasana...

The art and science of yoga may completely transform your relationship to relaxation. Savasana or “corpse pose,” offered at the end of yoga class, is one of the most fundamental, deeply-rewarding experiences in the practice. Taking time to support the body with props, introduced into yoga practice by B.K.S. Iyengar, helps to facilitate comfort and alignment in relaxation. Relaxation allows us to slow down enough to receive the effects of the practice and become interested in our inner worlds. Through the process of relaxation, we boost our immunity, reduce stress, release muscle tension, reverse the effects of aging, and begin to reconnect to our true nature.

Perhaps Iyengar’s ability to use gravity to his advantage and consciously relax attributed to his long, healthy life of 95 years! In this photo Iyengar is not only fully supported by blankets, bolsters and a strap, he is going deep with the addition of 75 pounds of added weight!

Go Deep: Check out how props might deepen your relaxation in your next savasana. Try a bolster or rolled up blanket under the knees, or a folded blanket placed on the pelvis and belly, or even just a thinly-folded blanket under the head.


Thanks to Nora (a fabulous teacher here at the studio) for sharing this image with us and this great reminder about Right Relaxation.