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Right Reads: Anatomy Of The Spirit

Renowned Healer and Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss Shares her Experience with Effectively Healing Through Spirit and Intution

The mystical and practical converge in Anatomy of the Spirit by best selling author and healer, Caroline Myss. Myss has become internationally recognized as a healer, or medical intuitive, as she describes her work, which bridges the physical and the spiritual. She has been featured many times on Oprah, and even had her own show on Oxygen centered on the journey to wellness.

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Fair warning: this book may blow your mind wide open as you are introduced to Myss’s life and her work as a medical intuitive. Incredible stories and examples support one of her main themes: Emotional biography determines biology.


In other words, wellness and illness stem from deeper spiritual and emotional landscapes.

This inspiring and revolutionary book is a must-read for anyone who wants to deepen his or her understanding of the power of intuition, and the impact of emotion on physical health or disease.

The clear, concise writing style and grounded findings provide a strong foundation of authenticity. Thanks to Myss’s mainstream respect, this book is perfect for the reader who is ready to explore the mystical without diving too deep into the realm of new-agey spirituality.