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Right Reads: Breathe, by Dr. Belisa Vranich

Doctor-turned-Breath Educator, Dr. Belisa Vranich shares tools to oxygenate, recharge and refuel our bodies and brains.

Have you experienced fatigue, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, or insomnia? Do you fall ill every other week or deal with chronic indigestion? Or do simply want to improve upon the amazing life you already have by boosting your brain, enhancing your athletic performance, deepening your yoga and meditation practice, and finding more ways to bring rest and relaxation into your life?

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The new book Breathe, by Dr. Belisa Vranich, may address all these questions and more. Dr. Vranich explains the science of breathing, specifically related to oxygen in the body on the cellular level, in a clear and accessible voice — without too much medical jargon that can convolute the message. She addresses symptoms many of us struggle with (fatigue, anxiety, sleep issues, immune health) via a simple program of 10 minutes a day for 14 days. Her program calls forth the part of you that already knows how to breathe deeply, rather than teaching too many new tricks, so we already have everything we need to begin.


Breathe has definitely made the Five Pillars’ summer reading list!

Dr. Vranich’s approach really resonated with us here at the studio and our philosophy of Right Breathing: Breathe is about tapping into the innate wisdom that we already have by cultivating awareness of the breath. Plus, in just two weeks we can change our patterns of breathing, become more conscious, and change the biology of our physical body. We’re in! Are you?

To learn more about her approach and breathing techniques, check out this article from the folks over at Well & Good.