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Advance Your Alignment – Summer Series w/ David Regelin

Saturdays August 12, 19, & 26


Join Esteemed Teacher

David Regelin

 for three dynamic sessions of

Advance Your Alignment

Saturdays August 12, 19, & 26

Location: Water Mill


We are thrilled to share this unique opportunity to refine your practice and alignment with one of NYC’s most popular teachers! These Alignment and Refinement workshops led by David Regelin are perfect if you are a student looking to deepen your practice or if you are a teacher ready to experience subtle moves & cues to share with your students. Come to one, two or all three!

The three sessions held at our Water Mill studio in the Hamptons this August will string together both classical and modern postural adaptations into a complete practice. Lighten the overall effort required to practice and hold the mind in a peaceful and focused state with David’s incredible sequencing and alignment methods.

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Session 1: Skillful Vinyasa

Saturday August 12th

With flow, power and grace, you will connect with your inherent capacity to glide from one posture to another with a focused mind and a strong body. Throughout this workshop, David will teach you the self-adjustment and centering techniques that define his unique and powerful approach to vinyasa yoga. By the end of the morning, you will be an expert at dynamic vinyasa transitions. And that’s not all. Your experiences in future vinyasa yoga classes will go deeper and become more satisfying with these foundational and advanced techniques. This is an experience you won’t want to miss!

$55 in advance / $65 day-of
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Session 2: Basics of Physical Origami

Saturday August 19th

There are only so many ways in which the body is designed to fold. Learn unique sequences and alignment techniques that exemplify how the body is made to fit together. Discover optimal alignment for your body. #GoDeep with the most foundational postures that pave the way for advanced bound and folded asana practice. See you on the mat!

$55 in advance / $65 day-of
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Session 3: Multi-Intenso 

Saturday August 26th

In this multi-dimensional movement, strength & handstand training class, David will guide participants to discover new depths of their own power with functional endurance and flexibility exercises. Beyond just that blissful rush of endorphins, his meticulous instruction and precision alignment cues will help you refine your technique and #GoDeep into new levels – and new heights! — of your practice. Discover the joy of handstands with David’s incredible guidance and methods!

$55 in advance / $65 day-of
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All yoga talk aside, we all have an innate understanding that there is a link between our posture and our psychology in that we all respond to one another’s body language, more or less consciously, more or less compassionately. I believe that it works both ways, that we can influence how we feel by altering how we posture ourselves, and recent findings in neuroscience validates this. Since yoga postures are revelatory and dynamic examples of our everyday posture, they offer a range of opportunities self adjust. – David Regelin


More about David:

David Regelin is a traveling yoga teacher, he is based in New York City. David is a powerful voice, an eloquent and skillful teacher who is sought after for his workshops and teacher’s intensives. His unique talent for simple yet precise articulation of form and technique, echo in the bodies and minds of his students.

As a young teacher, David was at the forefront of what became a popular trend of choreographed vinyasa classes to the sound of live music. He created the “Multi-Intenso” experience, a class that garnered a cult following in New York City. “Multi-Intenso” was a technique based, athletic and dynamic style of yoga centered around handstands. David’s reflective nature and incessant personal investigation into the potential transformative powers that a yoga practice can give, eventually led him to a more comprehensive approach to how physical form relates to psychological and emotional states. Inclined toward the mystical and timeless, greatly influenced by intensive study with Nevine Michaan, David’s practice and teaching has evolved into a more refined adaptation of how an asana (postural) practice can instigate profound and often therapeutic change.


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