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Creative & Intentional Sequencing for Vinyasa Yoga

Led by Stefanie Eris & Lauren Harris

Create more thoughtful, engaging & safer vinyasa classes

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Creative & Intentional Sequencing
for Vinyasa Yoga

an advanced training

Led by Stefanie Eris & Lauren Harris

Location: NYC
November 1, 2, 3 2019

Location: NYC
Pricing: $550

($450 early bird by September 30th)

Join Stefanie & Lauren for a comprehensive exploration of vinyasa yoga sequencing and class structure for all levels of practice. Learn how to better serve your students by creating more thoughtful, engaging and safer vinyasa classes — and offer better classes to all yogis regardless of their yoga experience. Refresh your teaching inspiration, or set a strong foundation of practical techniques as you begin teaching.


The Curriculum Includes

  • • General class parameters including the warm-up, sun salutations, standing poses, balance/twists/heart opening/seated poses & cool down
  • • Shape theory & pose orientation including variations of specific shapes
  • • Peak pose theory – the art of building a class by incorporating poses designed to enable the body to find a goal pose or variation
  • • Chakras, Koshas, and Aruvedic-themed sequencing
  • • How to weave inversions into classes safely
  • • How to spot areas of weakness and avoid injury during transitions
  • • Injury, body size, and pregnancy accommodations
  • • Inclusivity – keeping classes open and accessible to various body shapes, genders, races, intentions
  • • Open level classes designed to keep all levels of student engaged & challenged
  • • Discussions: Ethics and community awareness & Yoga in the modern era – morality, spirituality, and connection in chaotic times



November 1, 2, 3 2019
Location: NYC
Pricing: $550

($450 early bird by September 30th)





Lauren Harris –

Meet the Inversion Queen of the Upper East Side! In many ways, Lauren Harris is a typical New Yorker — juggling more than seems possible, and yet she manages to make it work. Lauren is the mother of two young girls, a wife, an illustrious yoga teacher in studios (and schools!) across the city. And despite her title as reigning handstand queen of the Upper East side, Lauren quickly dismisses the idea that she “has it all.” Lauren never underestimates the positive ways in which her yoga practice nourishes her mind, body, and spirit, ultimately fueling her with the energy and outlook she needs to fulfill the demands of her busy life.

“It’s a balancing act,” Lauren says, so it’s no surprise that some of her favorite asanas are inversions! Inversions give us a fresh perspective, reverse the flow of gravity and energy throughout the body. Many Yogis believe they even reverse the flow of time, and looking at Lauren will make you a believer! There’s no arguing that her classes are more than just an experience of exercising your body. The fun-loving spirit she exudes can engage students of all ages and skill levels.

Stefanie Eris –

Known for a dynamic and intelligent flow, Stefanie studied at Laughing Lotus and spent several years as Exhale’s National Yoga Director — she is as indebted to movement as she is to stillness. Her goal in class is to use the body through breath-based and alignment-centric flow classes, to get deeper into the soul.These complementary influences are present in her list of guides and influences.

In addition to teaching studio classes, Stefanie runs a mentorship program for new teachers. To her, an ideal mentor is, “Someone who knows she doesn’t have all the answers, and so remains a vigilant student. Intellectually curious, big heart, not dogmatic.”

After leading several 200-hour YTTs, Stefanie saw firsthand how challenging it was for graduates to start their teaching careers. Those trainings, as Stefanie puts it, are really just “the tip of the iceberg.” Her mentorship is designed to bridge the gap between training and teaching professionally through one-on-one sessions, class assists, feedback, and personalized support. “Some teachers never feel confident enough to teach, and so they never learn how to. The only way to really learn is by doing, but many of us need some guidance.”



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