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June Seva Spotlight: Fundred

Kids Are Worth It



Seva Spotlight

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June Recipient: Fundred

Kids Are Worth It 

Based in Washington D.C.

 Father’s Day June 18th Thru Saturday June 24th 

10% of Revenue Will Be Donated to Fundred

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-12-36-31-pmFundred is an organization that employs art as activism to address an environmental problem affecting millions of people: lead poisoning. When renowned artist and founder, Mel Chin, learned that children were being exposed to lead in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, he believed that children could also be the solution.

Mel Chin came up with the Fundred Dollar Bill Project, which engages children and their families in a collective art project to build awareness about lead in our environment. The Fundred Dollar Bill illustrates that every child’s life has value. This is art education coalescing with environmental awareness in a beautiful collective call to action.

So why does this matter? According to, a growing body of literature is detailing the societal costs of lead poisoning. Lead poisoning is related to attention deficit-hyperactivity disorders and the need for special education. The correlation between early lead exposure to adult-onset health problems is proven. The financial impacts are evident when considering lifetime earning potential, health care, education, and the direct costs of crime.

The effects of lead in our environment ripple around the world, including NYC! Here’s a NY Times article that illustrates how lead in water is an ongoing concern. And, to learn more, check out this link to request a water test for your home. 

What started as a small project in New Orleans is now a national project with an exhibit of 453,168 (and counting) hand-drawn representations of $100 dollar bills from across the country. The Corcoran School of the Arts & Design in Washington DC hosted an exhibit of The Fundred Reserve earlier this Spring and this reserve is continuing to grow as the word spreads.

Beyond demonstrating the power of art, there is an incredible educational component. As the project continues, families across the United States are being educated about lead in paint, water, and gasoline. Plus, they are learning about the action they can take to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of other children.

The Seva Spotlight is our way of giving back. For the week just after Father’s Day, we are donating 10% of our revenue to Fundred. Here’s how you can give back: Come to class all week long from June 18th-24th and check out to donate.

Your dollar goes far with this amazing organization. Here’s how you can participate:

Be a Fundred Ambassador

  • Talk to your friends & family about lead poisoning and invite all to participate in the Fundred project. 
  • Fundred is counting on the creative contribution of individuals across the country to send a powerful message that we care about our environment and the health of future generations.
  • Connect with Fundred on social media. Share images of your Fundred participation to inspire others
  • Create a Fundred initiative in your community.  
  • Learn more about the many ways you can help raise awareness and prevent lead poisoning!

Chin sees this project as a collaborative action, where every contribution is valued and celebrated. Unconventional and politically engaged, Chin’s projects challenge the idea of the artist as the exclusive creative force behind an artwork. –

Ready to participate?

Come to Class and Donate- Fundred.Org

Father’s Day June 18th thru Saturday June 24th

Click Here to Learn More About Fundred


Check out this video to learn more about Mel Chin and the Fundred Dollar Bill Project: 

See you on the mat!


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