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Master Class With Phillip Askew

An All-Levels Vinyasa Workshop Saturday January 6th


Join special guest teacher

Phillip Askew

 Assisted by Ivy Kaminer

An All-Levels Master Class

Saturday, January 6th

Time: 1:30-3:30pm

Location: NYC

Cost: $55 in advance, $60 day-of


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Do you love vinyasa yoga? We are thrilled to welcome Phillip Askew to Five Pillars this January for a creative and skillful vinyasa yoga workshop designed to inspire and empower students of all levels looking to deepen their practice!

Known for his expert sequencing, graceful facilitation and inspiring guidance, Phillip will guide you into postures that will create an emotional arc so as to elicit a powerful cathartic experience. This workshop is a structured yet creative and dynamic blend of classical poses and techniques rethought, reworked and refined through a contemporary kinesiological lens.    

So what exactly will this look like? You will experience a complete circle, a full revolution. Hip-opening sequences will help you to find stability, sensuality, and satisfaction. Backbending will connect you with cosmic energy, leaving you with a sense of integrity and devotion. You will be invited to know (and possibly change) your mind and flip your perspective with a powerful inversion practice. And finally, you will support your body’s detoxification process with twists. Throughout the practice, you will experience the joy, exhilaration, and empowerment the asanas and flow.

Ancient and modern, contemporary and classical, distinct, poetic and informed, this Master Class seamlessly interweaves a multitude of lineages into a single warp and weft, a progressive emotional arc, at once invigorating and meditative, to inspire and empower those students who genuinely seek to grow their practice. Utilizing story-telling strategies, proper anatomical alignment, subtle-body cueing, pose/counter-pose dynamics and Wave Theory Sequencing, it will take you on a journey through your body and psyche and deliver you to a place of deep opening and inner strength.

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Phillip Kyle Askew by Ted Sun

More about Phillip:

Phillip came to Yoga no stranger to the joys of physicality. But his body was a wreck from sports that he played growing up. He was tremendously inflexible with ailments in the neck and back. For Phillip, at the time, the simplest postures were- not only deeply therapeutic- but poignant vehicles for psychic transformation. It was this effect on his conscious mind that hooked him into the practice. He spent years in home practice before ever coming to class, thinking that his experience was too personal to share in a group setting. But, when he took his first Vinyasa class, in a room full of people, all practicing with one intention, all stoking the same fire, he fell in love with Vinyasa; and pursued it through various avenues over the years, searching out the through-lines and common threads from one school to the next, & embracing the lifestyle of the Contemporary Yoga Movement. He teaches today from that space between, in an attempt to convey the love story between form and flow, dancer and witness, devotion and integrity, Sun and Moon. To learn more, view his website: click here


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