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Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Program

Brought to you by the Brooklyn Yoga Club


Five Pillars Yoga Presents 

Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Program


Brought to you by the



Starting March 5th, 2018

Monday – Thursday 6am – 9am
Facilitated by Lindsay Hilscher

Select Fridays taught by Eddie Stern
*keep your eye on the schedule for his special appearances


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We are thrilled to announce that the Brooklyn Yoga Club is bringing their Mysore program to Five Pillars! The practice will be taught by authorized level II Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Lindsay Hilscher, with special appearances on select Fridays made by Eddie Stern.

“Practice and all is coming.” Sri K. Pattabhi Jois 

What is Mysore?

Mysore is a supervised, self-guided daily Ashtanga yoga practice, which is a method of yoga that focuses on developing a personal practice, adapting a conscious lifestyle, and being open to self-transformation. Ashtanga yoga is a suitable practice for people who have never done any yoga before, and can continue to be a beneficial and challenging practice even after many years of learning it. The practice is based on a set routine of yoga postures and transitions originated by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the city of Mysore, India. You can expect a somewhat “open studio” type of vibe, with people arriving throughout the morning and beginning their practice with the supervision and guidance of Lindsay. Students go at their own pace, tuning into their own abilities and body wisdom. Learn more about the history and details here

Who can come to Mysore?

Anyone who wants to learn! From complete beginners to experienced practitioners, students will be learning and relearning how to breathe, move and focus throughout the practice. The sequence is taught step by step so we are each able to memorize and develop our own daily practice.

This popular approach to yoga has many benefits including:

  • * Physical strength and muscle training
  • * Increased energy levels and mind-body connection
  • * Greater circulation and lymphatic flow
  • * Improved flexibility and range of motion
  • * Emotional and mental stability

Lindsay and Eddie will guide you through the techniques and movements of this deep, self-paced yoga practice. Enjoy your daily practice and #RightMovement that will leave you feeling strong, limber and energized!


All Levels Welcome



Starting March 5th, 2018

Monday – Thursday 6am – 9am
Facilitated by Lindsey Hilscher


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The Brooklyn Yoga Club is the continuation of Eddie Stern’s long-standing school, Ashtanga Yoga New York, which was the first Ashtanga Yoga school to open in NYC, in 1995. The school has recently moved to Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, where they continue to follow in the welcoming and inclusive teachings of Sri. K Pattabhi Jois and Sharath R. Jois. BKYC is thrilled to be partnering with Five Pillars Yoga to bring the practice of Ashtanga Yoga to the Upper East Side of NY! Classes will be taught by newly authorized teacher, Lindsay Hilscher, who has been a student of Eddie’s since 2014.


Lindsay Hilscher is an authorized level II Ashtanga Yoga teacher. She teaches at Eddie Stern’s Brooklyn Yoga Club, and also works privately with students who are working through injuries and health issues. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Lindsay moved to New York after earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance from SUNY Purchase College. She has been practicing with Eddie since 2012 at AYNY. In 2015 Lindsay took her first trip to Mysore, India to study under Paramaguru R. Sharath Jois, and was given her level II authorization in 2017. Lindsay continues to practice regularly with Eddie Stern and Paramaguru R. Sharath Jois.



Eddie Stern is a yoga teacher, author, and lecturer based in Brooklyn, New York. He is known for his multi-disciplinary approach to furthering education and access to yoga, as well as his teaching expertise in Ashtanga Yoga. His projects include the Urban Yogis, which provides yoga and meditation access to inner-city youth, and trains them to be yoga teachers; Breathe, Move, Rest, a public education health and wellness non-profit; and most recently, The Breathing App, a free app that teaches resonance breathing for stress and anxiety reduction. He has published several books on yoga, including Yoga Mala (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), and On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace (TASCHEN). His next book, The Little Beginner’s Book on Yoga (FSG) is due out in 2018. Eddie teaches out of his school in Brooklyn, Ashtanga Yoga New York. He is a student of the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and his grandson and successor, R. Sharath Jois. 


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