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A Master Class With Nevine Michaan

Experience the Joy of Katonah Yoga- Sunday April 23rd

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Katonah Yoga

Led by Nevine Michaan

 Sunday April 23rd 1pm – 3pm
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Are you ready to deepen your practice with Katonah Yoga? Nevine Michaan brings 35 years of experience to this Master Class that weaves classical Taoist Chinese theory, traditional Hatha yoga postures and meditation in a tapestry of movement and self inquiry. Mark your calendars and register soon for this blissful yogic experience you won’t want to miss.

In this 2-hour workshop Nevine will guide participants to discover new depths of their own power with a deep and poetic asana practice. Be prepared to #GoDeep into your own experience with this incredible blend of philosophy and movement.

Beyond the beauty of Katonah Yoga itself, Nevine’s refined instruction and connection with the joy of yoga will help you expand your technique and discover new dimensions of your practice.


“Yoga has the distinction of being a technical practice that is also mystical and revelatory. By manipulating the form of the body through asanas, mapping the body through meditations and refining the measure and meter of the breath through pranayama, yoga creates both power and vision. It is a technique for enhancing joy in life.” -Nevine Michaan

Discover how Katonah Yoga will leave you with a strong sense of inner peace and well-being for the rest of your day!

Sunday April 23rd 1pm – 3pm
$55 in advance, $60 at the door

or call us at 
212 426 6111

All-Levels Welcome

Nevine Machaan has been practicing Yoga for 40 years. Born in Egypt, she moved to America as a young child. After studying religion in college, she began teaching Yoga in 1980. Just six years later, she founded the Katonah Yoga Center in New York.  From the start, she was motivated by her understanding that the universe is functional and formal and fitting and that Yoga would give her the ability to participate in that intelligence.



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