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Re-Patterning with Mindful Movement

Out with the old, in with the new

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Re-Patterning with Mindful Movement

A multi-faceted Yoga Workshop
Led by Karen Nourizadeh


Sunday February 11th 1-3pm

Are you ready to release outdated patterns and let go of habits that no longer serve you? In this 2-hour workshop, Karen will  lead you through a sequence of yoga, meditation & self-inquiry that will help to re-wire your brain and create new patterns in your body so you can thrive!

This is a unique opportunity to deepen your intentions for the New Year with the incredible guidance of top teacher Karen Nourizadeh. Whether you are interested in starting a new relationship with food, or you would like to create more healthy routines in your life, or you want to take charge of your relationships by listening more and managing your reactions, this workshop will revolutionize the way you recognize, understand and manage internal mental and physical patterns that no longer serve you.  

  • ~ Karen will first lead a sequence of yin postures and mindful movement that will release your shoulders, hips, and spine. Tantra-inspired breath work will help you to focus your mind and let go of any physical tension you have been experiencing.
  • Moving into a process self-inquiry, Karen will lead you through guided meditation and journaling, setting intentions from a place of informed awareness. 
  • ~ This incredible experience will conclude with Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep, dissolving the outer layers of your being to explore a magical world within. Lying down in a comfortable restorative pose, you will be guided into a state between sleep and wake. Her nourishing voice will help you to direct your mind to heal, create, visualize, and release imprints that may be holding you back in life. The result? Personal growth and transformation. 

Yoga Nidra is known as dynamic or psychic sleep. Calming the nervous system and awakening the connection between mind, body, and soul, Yoga Nidra will leave you with a deep sense of inner peace and renewal. You’ll return to the present moment feeling as if you have just woken up from a spectacular dream. We recommend signing up in advance for this beautiful experience you won’t want to miss!


Sunday February 11th 1-3pm

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Karen Nourizadeh holds advanced certifications in Tantric meditation and pranayama techniques. After a decade as a litigator for Fortune 500 companies, Karen left her professional life behind to embark on an enlightening path of yoga, mediation and mindfulness.

For nearly a decade, Karen has taught weekly classes, workshops and trainings at Pure Yoga in Manhattan. Karen also teaches mindfulness and meditation to companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue, NBC, ABC, American Express, and Time-Out New York. Karen has received certifications in India and in New York City, through Pure Yoga and Sonic Yoga, and holds and E-RYT 500 certification with specialties in meditation and pranayama practices. Karen is now completing her I-AYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) certification and, in 2016, she traveled to the Himalayas in India, completing a 200-hour Lifestyle of  a Yogi Training, based in Hatha Yoga.

You can find Karen at, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

*Practice Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra with Karen at Five Pillars regularly on Fridays from 2:30-3:45pm. 

See you on the mat!


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