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It’s been wonderful to connect with so many of you via Zoom. We’re so grateful that you’ve tuned in as we work through our tech learning curve. We’ll continue to offer live classes, we’re available for Virtual Privates and we are working on our Video-on-Demand Library!


New Class Registration System
Starting Monday April 13th


We are now listing our schedule and registering for classes through Mind Body Online, just like we do at our studio locations. Check out our schedule on the homepage, and click to book the class you’d like to join.

In an effort to support our teachers and keep the studio going we are now charging for our classes. Because this is such an uncertain time, we understand that finances might be a bit tight. In Mind Body you’ll be able to choose your class rate – $10, $15 or $20. NOBODY will be turned away for lack of funds. Just contact us and we’ll guest you for the class.

Karen’s classes on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday will continue to be Free Community Classes, with any donations going to World Central Kitchen.


Signing up & Joining Class

• Select your class from our Schedule on the Five Pillars homepage and Click BOOK

• You’ll log in to your Mind Body account, and be given a choice of drop in rate.

• You’ll select your rate and click through to complete the purchase

• A confirmation email or text will be sent to you that includes the ZOOM LINK for your class. 

** It is very important that you ensure that your account settings allow for email or text class notifications. In your Account Profile, go to Communication Preferences – make sure either the text or email box is checked so you will receive Account Management & Schedule Updates. You do not need to select News & Promos.
If possible, take care of these settings before you book your first class.

** Also check SPAM just in case

** If you do not receive a link, contact us at – we’re standing by to help get you checked in and linked in

• About 15 minutes before class, click the Zoom link and you’ll be automatically admitted to the class.
(the other reason to join 15 min early is so there’s time for us to help you/troubleshoot if you run into an obstacle)

• You’ll be muted on entry just to keep the teacher’s screen running smoothly. It’s up to you if you’d like to share your video or not.

• If you have an external speaker that you can pair with your device, we recommend using it to enhance the experience.

• If you’d like to check in with the teacher or let them know about any physical concerns, send a private message through the CHAT feature a few minutes before class begins.

• If you’re having difficulty connecting try clearing your cache or disabling cookies or ad/pop-up blockers. Chrome is the recommended browser.


Prop Recommendations


360˚  Vinyasa
Blocks (or two books/firm boxes that are equal in size)
Strap (or tie, belt, hand towel)

360˚  Sculpt
2 or 3 lbs weights
(can also use your own arm resistance, cans or bottles of water or bands to vary arm work)

360˚  Therapeutics, Yin & Restorative
Blanket/s (or towels)
Bolster (or long bed or couch pillows)


Music Recommendations

Some teachers will play their music through the Zoom system. Others will provide a Spotify link. We recommend linking your device to an external speaker and playing the class through that. It sounds WAY better. You may need to download Spotify, and ensure that your “Shuffle” button is off. We are working on upgrading our system. Thanks for your understanding and your ingenuity at this time!



Props Resources

For those who don’t own props at home and would like to stock up for Thera, Yin & Restore, below are some options for props to purchase via Amazon.

Bolsters – Bolsters are very personal, some like firm, others like squishy. Some folks want to invest a lot of $$, others would like to find a good value. Have a look online and see what suits you, here are some options. You can also DIY with couch cushions or bed pillows.

Manduka Enlight Yoga Bolster – softer/less firm
Lotus Crafts Bolster – more firm – get the larger size
Bean Products Bolster – firm, no washable cover
Hugger Mugger – what we have at the studio

Blocks & Straps
Set from Gaiam – Great value!

you can certainly use any blanket that feels good from home
Here is simple option
and another yoga blanket option, less expensive, more patterned






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