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New Classes This Spring At The Loft

Check Out These Classes For Your 360˚ Yoga Lifestyle

We’re thrilled to announce our new classes including

Hot Yoga – Sweat and Detox

Now every day at the Loft!

What’s so hot about hot yoga? What are the benefits?

With added external temperature, the body literally warms up. As muscles relax, you can go deeper into poses. This lengthens your muscles and creates more flexibility. We love the added temperature, so we can sweat and detox our bodies all year long! That said, to prevent injury, it’s important to work on building strength in addition to going deep.

Is it Bikram? What’s the difference?

If you are sensitive to the heat, do not worry. Our Hot Yoga classes are not Bikram Yoga. Bikram is practiced in temperatures around 104˚ – which is incredible and also a bit brutal for most. Bikram is also comprised of the same 26 postures practiced in the same order every time, and there are no vinyasas. It is an incredible physical workout, but many yogis feel they aren’t getting a lot of yoga as the vibe can sometimes feel more like training for the marines. In our Hot Yoga classes you’ll practice many different postures and you’ll also get to flow through vinyasa transitions. The room isn’t quite as hot, which reduces risk of injury and dizziness issues. And, of course, there is philosophy and Right Intention woven throughout.

We Look Forward To Seeing You in Class!

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Plus… Check Out These New Classes


Fast Abs w/Olga

Mondays and Wednesdays 9:40am – 10am
This short class packs a punch! Join Olga for her signature 6-pack inducing core practice. In this 20-minute workout, you’ll work all areas of the core, sides & backbody. You’ll develop muscle tone and strength across your midsection utilizing both yogic movements and targeted core activation repetitions. “Add on” this little side dish after Olga’s Vinyasa II at 8:30am or stick around for Align & Flow at 10:15am.


Meditation w/ Jimmy

Mondays and Wednesdays
1:30pm – 2:15pm
Jimmy offers detailed instruction including fundamentals of meditation, traditional Sanskrit chant or kirtan, as well as pranayama techniques. This well-rounded approach to meditation will leave students feeling calm, focused and grounded.


Kriya Yoga w/ Nixa

1st Wednesday of Every Month 12:30pm – 1:45pm
Incorporating the pillars of Right Breathing & Right Movement, Kriyas are unique breath practices that are used to detoxify our bodies and minds and create radiance from within. Kriya yoga includes both seated and dynamic standing postures.


Steele Pilates w/Teri

Mondays 10:30am -11:30am
Saturdays 11:15am-12:15pm

STEELE PILATES is a totally unique approach to teaching Pilates that combines conscious, controlled movements and sheer unadulterated physicality. Build your strength, endurance and range of motion with Teri’s signature class.


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