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Seva Spotlight: The Harlem Academy Offers Hope For A Better Future

Five Pillars' Yoga Teachers Pledge Their Support With Weekly Yoga Classes

Are you passionate about closing the achievement gap and supporting academic achievement in underserved communities?

The Harlem Academy is an outstanding private school for gifted students in grades 1-8 living in underserved communities. By offering every single student a scholarship, the Harlem Academy is leading important change in our community, closing the achievement and income gaps. They realize that these gaps are not an outcome of intelligence or capacity so much as a supportive and challenging academic environment.

Just 14% of students at the nation’s top 160 colleges and universities come from the lower half of the income distribution.

The Harlem Academy helps students reach their highest potential in elementary and middle school, and then find placement in competitive secondary schools. This, in turn, sets them up for higher education and a higher income potential.

The teachers and leaders at the Harlem Academy are working hard to support these incredible students so they can make their mark on the world. Without schools like the Harlem Academy, students with high-potential for success would likely be overlooked due to educational barriers beginning in elementary school.

Students are guided by four community pillars:

  • Initiative
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • And determination

These guiding pillars are supported by a multidimensional educational experience, including weekly community meetings, leadership roles and weekly yoga classes taught by Five Pillar’s yoga teachers! Olga, Nina and Kristen have been donating their time to these gifted students, doing their part to support an incredible educational experience.

Are you ready to join the cause? Your participation and donation makes a huge impact! It’s not too late to help fund a student and join their Spring Benefit at The Pierre coming up this Wednesday, April 18th from 6:30-9:30pm. To purchase a ticket: Click Here. Discover additional ways to support the Harlem Academy: Click Here.


To learn more about the Harlem Academy and hear from the students, check out this video:



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