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The Yoga of Meal Planning

#GoDeep Into Right Nutrition With Stacy Leung- Wednesday May 10th


#Go Deep Into Right Nutrition

A Free Talk to Support Your 360˚ Yoga Lifestyle

The Yoga of Meal Planning

Led by Stacy Leung, R.D.

Wednesday May 10th 6:30-8pm
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We are what we eat… and eating well takes planning. Designing and prepping healthy meals can be challenging for all, especially when we are waking up early to practice yoga before heading out into our busy lives or fitting in a class at the end of the day around dinner time!

Meal planning is not intuitive in today’s fast-paced world. With the help of registered dietitian, Stacy Leung, we can kick off the warmer weather with a meal plan that will help us reach our wellness goals, guaranteed. 

Create the foundation for your 360˚ yoga lifestyle: a balanced diet that is specific to your personal needs. In this wellness discussion, you will learn how to create a meal plan you will want to follow.

Stacy understands the many challenges we all face putting healthy food on the table day after day, not to mention the confusion so many of us face around nutrition.

She will take the wealth of complex nutritional research and break it down into simple, accessible and practical actions in a series of talks on Right Nutrition, beginning with meal planning. 


All Students Welcome

Ready to #Go Deep into Meal Planning?

Wednesday May 10th 6:30pm – 8pm
FREE Talk on Nutrition
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Stacy is a registered dietitian and a certified lactation counselor with experience in menu planning, recipe development, and counseling individuals of all ages with or without chronic health conditions. Born and raised in NYC, Stacy understands that time management and eating well can be difficult to navigate in this bustling metropolis. Her background in nutrition includes working with pediatrics, public health, recipe writing and development, and menu planning. Her philosophy is to promote mind-body awareness to help improve one’s lifestyle and she strives to put nutrition lingo in perspective. She is also a baking enthusiast and a yoga instructor who is always adding to her practice.

See you on the mat!


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