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Therapeutics Class Today!

Hello Dear Yogis,

I’m not able to join you today (March 24) via live stream, so I’ve pre-recorded a class video for you.

Click the link below to be guided through practice, you can join at 3pm or any time!

We’ll move the spine, care for the neck and shoulders, activate the core a bit & stretch out the legs & hips.

This gentle class is great for beginners, feel free to share with friends! Best of all, you can always come back to this class, any time, any day, anywhere.

Enjoy! And Let me know how it goes! Leave a comment or send me an email.


I’ll be Live Streaming starting Thursday March 26

Therapeutics Tues & Thurs 3pm
360˚ Gentle Vinyasa Saturday 2pm
Restore & Nidra Saturday 3:30pm

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