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Heart Opening AromaNidra

Led by Erika Mehiel - Sunday July 28th 3:30-5:30pm

Cultivate Self Love, Compassion and Connection

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Heart Opening Aroma Nidra

an indulgent afternoon

Led by Erika Mehiel

 Sunday July 28th
3:30 – 5:30pm

“The Way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.”

We are born with an open heart. It’s only after hours listening to the news, days slouching in front of a computer, or one-too-many broken hearts, that we begin to contract in the heart center, dimming our fire and disconnecting from our natural state of Metta, or lovingkindness.

Reconnect with and Expand your Heart Center
with Erika’s Signature blend of
Immersive Aromatherapy & Guided Nidra Meditation

Erika will apply specific essential oils to chakra and meridian points, paired with heart-opening asana to help unlock layers of past experience and release blocked energy. Plus the whole experience is infused with select scents via diffusers to create a multidimensional experience that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and restored.


• Join us for a delicious mandala of aromatherapy, gentle asana, breathwork & meditation.

• Erika will apply specific essential oils to specific chakra & meridian pointsallowing the wisdom of the plant kingdom to meet the healing wisdom of our own bodies.

• Reconnect with heart center through simple guided Tonglen meditation. 

• Yin and Yoga Therapeutics will help unlock layers of limitation and release blocked energy.

• Sink into stillness with restorative yoga, and experience the deep relaxation and renewal of Yoga Nidra.


“Who looks outside, dreams. who looks inside, awakes.”
~ Carl Jung

 Sunday July 28th 3:30 – 5:30pm
Cost: $50 

or call us at 212 426 6111

All-Levels Welcome

About Erika Mehiel

Erika is an ERYT-500 certified Yoga teacher and YACEP, specializing in Therapeutic Essentials, Restorative and Yin practices. Erika is passionate about an elemental approach to wellness and an inquiry-based approach to the practice of yoga. AromaNidra was born out of her passion for RightRelaxation, aromatherapy & natural healing.

Erika practiced for about 12 years before pursuing her teacher trainings under under Don Brahmanand & Amba Stapelton at the Nosara Yoga Institute, mentoring for numerous YTTs there. She proudly serves as Director of Education at Five Pillars where she co-directs the 200-hour YTT and directs the Advanced Trainings in Therapeutic Essentials (Fall 2019) & Restorative/Yin (Spring 2020). She is a member of the Drugless Practitioners of America,  a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, attuned level 1 in Shamanic Reiki. 

Practice with Erika in NYC:

Tuesday 11am Vinyasa | Tuesday 5pm Therapeutic Essentials | Thursday 2pm Therapeutic Essentials  


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