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Five Pillars Welcomes David Regelin!

Photographs taken by Luke Ratray

We’re thrilled to welcome an exceptional and esteemed teacher to the Five Pillars’ family. David Regelin is well known in New York, and further afield, for his dynamic, thoughtful and alignment-focused classes.

To say he has a busy travel schedule is an understatement. David leads retreats, workshops and talks all around the world, so a regular weekly class here in NYC isn’t a given. We’re thrilled he’s able to join us here at Five Pillars on Tuesday nights (Open Vinyasa, from 6:15 – 7:30), not only because we get to share him with all of you, but because WE get to take his class as well!

I bumped into Five Pillars co-founder Karen Mehiel leaving the studio after his first class this past Tuesday, and she had that blissed-out look a great yoga class can incite. “His class was amazing!” she said with a beaming smile before floating out the door.

I asked her for some more detail…

 “David had both a personable and methodical approach. He taught the class how to achieve the best poses for each individual’s level in a straightforward and clear style. He stopped the class a few times to break down some of the more challenging postures demonstrating them on class volunteers. Even with these few breaks, the class was still a rigorous and fulfilling experience. With David’s instructions and hands-on assistance, for the first time I went into a full wheel.”

Co-founder Olga Palladino echoed these sentiments. A long-time teacher (and always a student!) she came away from class with new knowledge, thanks to the way he explained the anatomy and approach to important seated postures Pachimotanasana and ankle to knee pose.

It seems this is just what David hopes for. His profile on the Kripalu website puts it well:

“His goal is to turn students into teachers, so that they learn to self-adjust, heal, ground, and/or uplift themselves, and develop their own skillful means to become powerful and graceful practitioners.”

We hope you’ll come out on Tuesdays and welcome David to Five Pillars! In the meantime… if you’d like a little inspiration, discover his “Geometry of Yoga” video below or subscribe to his YouTube channel!