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Soothe Your Soul With Our Winter Yoga Playlist

Dive deep into a full hour of music that will soothe your soul…

Take some time out with our Winter Acoustic Yoga Playlist. It may provide the rhythm and support needed to let go of long “To-Do” lists and step onto the yoga mat. The relaxing vibe of this playlist can set the tone of a self-care spa hour… Light some candles, add some coconut oil to your bath, and allow yourself to indulge with care. Or take five minutes away from your busy day to write in a journal and sip a warm cup of herbal tea.

Designed to ward off winter blues by creating a sense of light and peace, this playlist is full of sweet soul-soothing background music for your commute or workday and can lead you through a full hour of your favorite yoga practice.

These gentle beats will accompany any style of yoga whether you love vinyasa, restorative, or any other type of yoga. Simply step onto your mat and allow the music to move you. You will be guided by the melodies, inspired by the rhythm, and you may even find yourself breathing a bit more deeply without any effort at all.

Words are purposefully left out of this playlist and the sounds of your favorite instruments come to center stage, allowing you to fill in the script and focus your mind on your breath.

Ready to soak it up and unwind?