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Delicious, Delightful & Diminutive Gifts

Old School Favorites – Nutsz

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Our neighbors in the Hamptons Old School Favorites have created the most sinfully-delicious brain food we’ve come across: their sweet & savory glazed walnuts. With a bit of NY state maple syrup and a pinch of North Fork sea salt these Nutsz are filled with minerals, omegas and flavor! Plus a whole bunch of state pride!
But be forewarned: they are fully addictive, in the best possible way.


Anjali Aromatics – Essential Oil Blends & Natural Perfumes

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We love aromatherapy, and during the winter season there is no more luxurious and pleasurable way to support immune health then by using essential oils.

A few deep inhales of Clarity blend will infuse your day with much-needed sunshine, while Balance will help you stay even-keel amid the swirl of the holidays.

Ambrosia Perfume

The Love (sweet, floral and romantic) and Ambrosia (musky and sensual) natural perfumes are a unique gift item for those in your circle who love sensory pleasures.



Indu  – Body Lotion

Indu Lotion GroupThe word Indu in Sanskrit means both “bright drop” and “the moon” – and this lotion is exactly that – magical nectar of the moon. Blended with all natural oils like avocado and jojoba, shea butter, aloe and a blend of essential oils, Indu Lotion is rich and invigorating to muscles. We use it in class, often applying to our students to awaken deeper breathing through the cooling/stimulating aroma.

What You Wear Matters

San Francisco-based Road 22 has launched a line of luxe basics you can feel GREAT about.
**Plus! Receive a free canvas tote with every purchase

Named after the road leading out of the largest women’s correctional facility in the world, located in Central California, Road 22 supports women just out of prison, helping them create a fresh start by providing training and employment.

The brand’s debut collection of impossibly-soft tops comes in essential colors like white, soft black and heather grey. Some feature subtle silk-screened graphics, some raw edges, and all are tailored for an effortlessly-chic aesthetic.

We love Road 22’s generosity and vision, and of course that everything is designed, sourced and printed in the U.S. A. The Yoga Shop is carrying several styles – and a free Road 22 Tote comes with every purchase!

The designs have been spotted on Hugh Jackman, Lindsey Shaw of Pretty Little Liars, and snapped up by yogis and festival-goers all over the country.

In addition to providing jobs for former inmates, “Employment is the New Black”, the company donates 2% of its profits to charities supporting women at risk.

There are currently over 1 million women in the US criminal justice system — 64% being held for non-violent crimes, and 80% of them are mothers. Road 22 believes that “Every one of us deserves a chance” and we love the way the name symbolizes the road forward – putting one foot in front of the other, stepping into a future that is there for the taking, leaving the past behind.


Kudos to this visionary brand. Generosity never goes out of style.



New Arrivals & Winter Styles

It’s layering season — and we’ve got a few key pieces to add to your winter wardrobe


We love Spiritual Gangster’s light-hearted approach to all things Zen! The brand is making its mark on yoga wear by bringing a playful edge to its styles, blending sweet, spice and everything nice.

There’s never a bad time to be grateful, and this colorful cotton tank provides a casual-chic reminder, with a hint of a California surf vibe to warm up the grey days!

It’s easy to cozy up in this über soft vintage-inspired sweatshirt — slouchy with the perfect hint of sweet femininity in the patterned lettering.

Yoga pants with cutout panels are all the rage, but mesh is already old hat. The lace on these leggings is a sexy upgrade.


Vimmia yoga wear invites you to “unleash your life force.” And with their creative detailing and cutaways, this collection also invites us to show just the right amount of skin!

We love this twist on the classic Tank. The little peek-a-boo adds a touch of sex appeal without taking away from the elegant style.

Yoga is all about balance, and this drapey long-sleeved knit top strikes just the right balance of comfort, style and functionality — perfect to layer on just in time for Savasana.




Fall Fashion Favorites

The “athleisure” clothing trend is here to stay, and we aren’t complaining! It’s so much easier to make it to yoga class when you know you can continue your day without having to head home to change.

So we’ve stocked the yoga shop at Five Pillars for Fall with the best from local brands Nesh NYC and Prism Sport: luxe layers, slinky track pants and sexy tops, all designed to bring a bit of glam to your workout wear. With a bit of sparkle here, a peekaboo cutaway there, and a dash of faux-snakeskin, neither style nor performance is compromised. And all items are made responsibly in the U.S.A.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 8.10.31 PM


Bundle up with this soft hooded sweatshirt from Nesh NYC.

We love its versatility, and the mix of un/structured design — the front is drapey and romantic with the hood doubling as a flowing collar, while cinched waist detailing on the back flatters every figure.






Slouchy jog pants are comfortable and great for ease of movement in Yoga, but they’re often a bit too
casual to wear out.

Enter Prism Sport’s Anaconda Track Pant. An edgy snakeskin pattern and soft charcoal tuxedo stripe will take you from down dog right to dinner with the girls.




3000 PEP-sadd



And for outerwear to match our inner bliss — Prism Sport’s zip-up peplum jacket in either warm saddle or flinty granite.

Poly-spandex material moves with you, while fitted tailoring maintains a chic, streamlined silhouette. 




Looking to get your street style on? Check out Prism Sport’s fun new fashion video!


Right Retail

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our Yoga Shop, featuring a curated selection of apparel, accessories and lifestyle pieces to bring your yoga off the mat and into your daily life.

The Yoga Shop carries chic, unique and comfortable workout clothes, including leggings, track pants, deliciously soft t-shirts (including our already-in-demand Five Pillars line of supple tanks), bralettes and light outerwear that will have you looking as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. In keeping with the Five Pillars ethos, the Yoga Shop sources from designers or companies whose values are in alignment with Right Intention. We believe in supporting small businesses — brands like Nesh, and PrismSport — that manufacture mindfully in the U.S.A.


Yoga Shop


The Yoga Shop also carries a select collection of body and beauty products to support both inner and outer radiance. We’re loving the essential oils from Anjali Aromatics. Responsibly sourced from around the world (India, France, South America, the Pacific Northwest and beyond) and blended locally, these divine healing blends can be used for everything from soothing a headache to lowering stress levels to alleviating insomnia. A studio favorite is the Ambrosia perfume… musky, feminine and sweet, it has aphrodisiacal qualities that more than one friend has affirmed really, ahem, work.

The Yoga Shop will be ever-evolving, but the intention behind it will remain the same: to offer items that help support a 360-degree yoga lifestyle, items that enable you to share a little of your yoga with the world, and most importantly, items that are sourced and produced in a way that supports the pillar of Right Intention.

The Yoga Shop is located within the Five Pillars Studio, and open during regular studio hours.

Essential Oils Prism