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The benefits of doing yoga with kids are manifold. Besides improving balance and endurance, yoga and mindfulness practices increase concentration and self-esteem while reducing anxiety, stress and the effects of ADHD.

Also? It’s fun.

With a little imagination yoga lends itself perfectly to Halloween. After all, the ultimate pose is named after a dead guy.

Our reccomdation is to do the following poses in costume, with lots of candles burning and the lights low. The presence of kids is not necessarily required.


One of the most common instructions for getting into Marjaryasana, Cat Pose, is to dome your back like a Halloween cat. It’s an enduring image: a hissing black cat, teeth bared, with its fur standing on end. Hollow your belly into your spine and press your palms flat against the floor to fully lengthen through your arms.


Crows have long been a symbol of death and are often the consort of witches. Like vultures, crows are carrion birds and have a general air of otherwordly spookiness. Of course, your Bakasana can be smiley and kind; there are lots of good witches out there, too! Kids are natural balancers so play with getting the knees really close to the armpits before shifting your weight forward. Remember to look out, not down.


Creepy Bug Pose

Tittibhasana, or Firefly Pose, really does look like a creepy bug. Float your feet off the floor, nestle your eblows in the hollow of your knees and move your heart center forward to pick your seat up off the ground. Walk on your hands for added spook factor.

Scary Lion’s Breath

Sit on your shins and press your palms against your thighs. Take a deep breath in through the nose, hollow your belly, and breathe out, “BOO!” Simhasana, or Lion’s Pose, is all about the demon-chasing breath you do with it. This is a great pose to do if feeling scared; it relieves tension in the face, strengthens the throat muscles and clears the air of any unwanted energy…like uninvited ghosts.

Zombie Pose

Even zombies need to stay limber. Sit in Dandasana, Staff Pose, with your legs outstretched in front of you. Instead of folding forward, extend your arms out long, parallel to the floor. Sitz-bone walk while making like the living dead.

Corpse Pose

Now’s the time to play dead. Tonight in Savasana picture your bones settling into the earth and drift into that limbic state between worlds. Who knows who you might meet?


Happy Halloween!

Photos: Skeleton crow; black cat; bakasana; firefly; You Are A Lion!; zombie pose; shavasana