Five Pillars Yoga

April Evans

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Houston, TX.

How did you come to Yoga? How and when did your yoga practice begin?
I was studying acting at C.W. Post on Long Island, and a couple of my friends invited me to go to the yoga class at the campus gym with them. It was a led primary series class. My friends never went back, but I kept going every week.

Who inspires you? 
What a question! It might be easier to ask me what doesn’t inspire me. I am inspired by my many gurus, be they in the form of my teachers, my students, my clients, my loved ones, bandmates, or strangers on the train. Poetic lyrics, beautiful artwork, sunny days, and swinging on swings are also particularly inspiring to me.

How would you describe your teaching style?
I would describe my teaching style as encouraging, thoughtful and energetic. I’m big on incorporating a theme throughout class, and using that theme to inform the sequence, my language, music choices, and opening and closing meditations.

Which posture helps you Go Deep?
I’d have to say Salambha Virasana, as that is usually the seat I take for meditation. 🙂

Do you have a spirit animal?
I’d like to think it would be some really cool, exotic animal… but it would probably just be a puppy.

Current favorite inspirational quote?
“You are the sky. Everything else — it’s just the weather.” — Pema Chodron

Which of the Five Pillars most resonates with you (right now) and why?
Intention is always important to me. I’m constantly assessing my own, and whether it is helping to bring me into higher alignment.

Favorite Sutra?
“Waves rise from water. Flames arise from fire. Rays emanate from the sun. So do you and I shine forth From the Mysterious One.” — Sutra 87,The Radiance Sutras (Vijnana Bhairava Tantra)