Five Pillars Yoga

Karen Nourizadeh

Where are you from?
New Britain, CT.

How did you come to Yoga?
As a former trial attorney, I came to Yoga for physical strength and flexibility, to maintain a healthy body. I needed the ability to improve mental balance and find a refuge from the adversarial, active and aggressive nature of my career. I’d practice to a Gaiam video of Rodney Yee mornings before court. Eventually, it evolved to a health club. Yet, my understanding of yoga deepened when I left the corporate world. At 40 years old my eyes opened wide and my real journey with yoga began.

Who inspires you?
Struggling, loving, honest, compassionate, contemplative, fire-in-their-bellies, self-aware, transformative people.

How would you describe your teaching style?
Open and flowing, with an eye on alignment. Protect the body, but take it to your comfortable edge on that day. With meditation or restorative — more nurturing and contemplative.

Which posture helps you Go Deep?
They all do, is my approach, but only if I am conscious in every one.

Silence or music in class?
Meditations, silent. Restorative and Yin, more ethereal and celestial sounds. Vinyasa starts silent, then music ranges from Moby to Jay Z to Boards of Canada to Bhagavan Das.

Personal Motto or Mantra?
I am here for the struggle.  It is in the struggle that I evolve.

Complete the sentence: I practice because….
of the need to know myself, to breath vital embers into my body and spirit, and to have a safe haven to run to when all hell breaks loose.

Which of the Five Pillars most resonates with you (right now) and why?
Right Breathing. When you become your breath, you have the power to transcend.