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The Health Benefits of Celery Juice

You've probably become aware that sipping celery juice has become super trendy

If you follow health gurus and yoga teachers on Instagram, you’ve probably become aware that sipping celery juice has become all the rage. And it’s a trend we love!

Low in sugar and high in nutritional value, celery juice is easy to prep, juice & clean up. Plus it tastes ah-maze-ing. AND it is chock-full of health benefits that will inspire you to keep going back for more.

We ALL know by now that sipping green juice and savoring green smoothies leaves us feeling healthy. That said, pure unadulterated organic celery juice offers something a little bit extra. Maybe it’s the electrolyte boost or the incredible digestive aid… Regardless, when we drink celery juice, we feel amazing.

Several years ago, I was introduced to Kris Carr’s juicing inspiration and immediately began adding a boost of green liquid gold to my morning routine. Recently, green juice started to replace my morning cuppa joe. When I nourish myself this way, I feel as though my cells are bursting with energy, revitalized from the inside out. I’m hooked.

I wish I could say I never waver from my commitment to juice and be healthy, but the effort it takes to prep & wash the veggies and then clean the juicer each day can feel like a lot. 

Sometimes health kicks are just that— something you do for a week, month or even year only to find yourself falling off the bandwagon. Regardless of these lapses, making the effort to be healthy is always worth it.

Over the course of several weeks, I narrowed my juice down to a a single vegetable: Celery. I started sipping this healing elixir from a place of pure practicality. Low in sugar, high in water content and easy to prep, making celery juice took the least amount of time and offered the most benefits. In fact, when I first started, I didn’t even know how trendy celery juice had become. My experience came first, and then I became aware of the hype!

According to experts on the subject, you will notice a significant difference in your health and digestion after just one week of sipping celery juice on an empty stomach, though I think you can feel the difference during your very first glass.

Here are a just a couple reasons to sip your celery juice daily:

1. Glowing Skin

In addition to the incredible hydration you receive, celery is an antioxidant powerhouse not to mention it has anti fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Great Digestion

Celery will help get things moving while its soothing and cooling properties will help reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. As you sip your juice, you will immediately notice the pleasant, salty taste. This is not only an incredible electrolyte boost, but it will help with nutrient absorption all day long. 

3. Strong Bones

A cool part of ALL vegetable stems such as celery (or asparagus, leeks & broccoli stems) is they have a high calcium & vitamin K content, benefiting bone health and protecting agains osteoporosis.

Ready to juice?

TIP: Celery is on the dirty dozen list… which means that it has residue from pesticides on it that is toxic to the body… so if you can, buy organic.