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Vitamin D & Vitamin “Sea”

It's not too late to book your winter vacay

As daylight hours begin to wane and the weather cools down, there are some snowbirds among us who, upon anxiously anticipating the dark & cold winter months as soon as summer weather bid us farewell, have already booked tickets to the warmer regions of the world. After all, some of us have braved the cold northeastern winter months for long enough to know that breaking it up with a quick—or not sooo quick—tropical getaway is essential for our health and sanity.

You may want to consider joining our incredible Winter Retreat in Tulum. Your twice daily yoga practice will be supported by floating in the salty sea. Enough said… a healthy, joyful new you for the New Year is not only possible, but certain!

On that same vain, there are scientifically proven health benefits to spending some quality time in the sun by the sea, especially when Vitamin D is all but unavailable at home in NYC (and everywhere else with a long, cold Winter) until late Spring.

Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium, maintaining healthy bones. Since it’s not readily available in the food we eat (aside from fortified foods), most people get enough Vitamin D from sunlight. As you know, exposing bare skin to the sunlight during the cold winter months is a challenge that few people would choose, so many people become deficient in Vitamin D during the late-Fall & Winter months. To make sure you don’t become deficient, you may want to consider supplementing and/or booking your winter getaway!

Research on Vitamin D reports amazing health benefits:

  • – improves brain health

  • – prevents osteoporosis and slows bone mineral degeneration

  • – prevents certain cancers

  • – helps people lose weight

  • – good for the heart

  • – lowers blood sugar & regulates insulin



How to get enough Vitamin D:

The BIG question about sun exposure is how much? After all, we don’t want to risk skin cancer while we are boosting our Vitamin D. Experts suggest that 5-10 minutes of sunshine (when the sun is high) or 15 minutes of sunshine (when the sun sits low) without sunscreen several times per week may be enough to maintain healthy levels of Vitamin D. After that, protecting your skin from overexposure can keep you healthy and happy without uncomfortable and unsightly sunburns or risking cancer.

If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of vitamin D and how to add vitamin D to your diet, CLICK HERE.

The Benefits of #Vitamin Sea

If boosting your Vitamin D and enjoying the relaxation of warm weather isn’t enough to get you to book your winter vacation, or at least get outside more this late-Fall & Winter, consider the health benefits of spending time by the ocean. 

The age-old wisdom that being near the seaside is good for your health has been proven to be true. Blue zones, the five locations in the world that boast the largest numbers of centenarians (100+ years-old), all exist within a short distance from the ocean, if not directly next to the sea. While there are  several culturally-influenced lifestyle overlaps (nutrition, community support, genetics & LAUGHTER) in these zones, location may play its part. Maybe it’s the extra oxygen, or the clean, fresh air. Regardless, you know how good you feel when you spend time under the sun, or lying in the shade of a palm tree, by the sea. 


* Featured Photo by Farsai Chaikulngamdee on Unsplash

* Additional Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash