Five Pillars Yoga

Delicious, Delightful & Diminutive Gifts

The Yoga Shop has few small items perfect for hostess gifts or stocking stuffers

Old School Favorites – Nutsz

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Our neighbors in the Hamptons Old School Favorites have created the most sinfully-delicious brain food we’ve come across: their sweet & savory glazed walnuts. With a bit of NY state maple syrup and a pinch of North Fork sea salt these Nutsz are filled with minerals, omegas and flavor! Plus a whole bunch of state pride!
But be forewarned: they are fully addictive, in the best possible way.


Anjali Aromatics – Essential Oil Blends & Natural Perfumes

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We love aromatherapy, and during the winter season there is no more luxurious and pleasurable way to support immune health then by using essential oils.

A few deep inhales of Clarity blend will infuse your day with much-needed sunshine, while Balance will help you stay even-keel amid the swirl of the holidays.

Ambrosia Perfume

The Love (sweet, floral and romantic) and Ambrosia (musky and sensual) natural perfumes are a unique gift item for those in your circle who love sensory pleasures.



Indu  – Body Lotion

Indu Lotion GroupThe word Indu in Sanskrit means both “bright drop” and “the moon” – and this lotion is exactly that – magical nectar of the moon. Blended with all natural oils like avocado and jojoba, shea butter, aloe and a blend of essential oils, Indu Lotion is rich and invigorating to muscles. We use it in class, often applying to our students to awaken deeper breathing through the cooling/stimulating aroma.