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The Unexpected Benefits of Yoga Teacher Trainings

Plus What They Are and Why People Do Them

Have you ever thought about taking a yoga teacher training (YTT)?

Some people dream about taking an in-depth 200 hour yoga teacher training for a decade before they are ready and able to invest the time and money. Others experience the incredible benefits of yoga and eventually reach a place in their practice where they feel ready to #GoDeep and start teaching.

I first witnessed the transformational powers of the YTT experience in my older sister. She returned home with a special glow, newfound inner peace and a beautiful yoga practice that helped her cope with stress in life. Plus there was a new quality of light and connection that emanated from her being. Her confidence and relationships improved, helping her to manifest her dreams and desires.

After several years, without decades of yoga experience or the desire to even teach yoga, I followed in her footsteps and signed up for a month-long YTT in the jungle of Costa Rica. The opportunity to explore, discover and experience the depths of yoga on and off the mat during that first YTT changed my life in all of the ways I hoped it would… and more! Unexpectedly, I fell in love with teaching. I started teaching yoga the week I returned home and haven’t stopped.

So if you start to experience that urge to take your yoga practice to the next level, do not hesitate to listen. Invest in yourself and reap the rewards for the rest of your life. Read on and discover just some of the benefits of taking a YTT.

The unexpected benefits of YTTs:

1. Become your own best teacher

The intensive nature of a YTT will help you to discover the subtle energies of your being and understand the wisdom of your physical body. You will learn how to show up to your mat with all of that you carry and start listening to the cues coming from your body and heart. With the gentle and experienced guidance of your instructors, you will learn how to design your practice by listening to your body and knowing your Self deeply. After all, yoga is about revealing and knowing your Self (yes, capital S!).

You will be able to step onto your mat and practice at home. And when you go to class, you will still be your own best teacher, tuned into your breath and making subtle adjustments as needed. Your practice will become a beautiful, self-led meditation, continuously taking you into new realms of your being.

2. Create community

You will spend a lot of time with your fellow YTT classmates. When you first walk into your YTT training, you will look around and see a room full of strangers. By the end of that day, you may feel more connected to the group of yogis than your co-workers or some groups of friends. By the end of the training, you will feel like family. At the very least, you will look around and see a group of familiar faces- people of all generations willing to learn and expand their capacity to be loving and present.


3. Move beyond the asana (physical postures)

Yoga has been co-opted by fitness culture and cut down to the physical practice. During your YTT, you will discover the deeper dimensions of yoga, alongside diverse aspects of yourself. By exploring Patanjali’s 8-fold path, you will reframe and rediscover what yoga means to you. The intention of ancient yogis was not to strengthen muscles and stretch the body so much as discover the hidden and subtle realms of being. Yoga means “to yoke, or unite” mind with spirit. By reading ancient texts, practicing chanting and pranayama, meditating, exploring yoga asana and connecting with others, you will discover a new relationship with yoga that will open your mind and your heart.

4. Get ready to blossom

By taking a YTT, you are sowing the seeds of transformation. You become a student of yoga for life; and your capacity to learn and grow only deepens when you start teaching. By showing up to your mat and carrying your yoga into your world, you will create whatever personal (and possibly professional) transformation you most need. The beauty is that this cycle of transformation continues for the rest of your life. Yoga becomes a way of living that encourages and allows you to blossom, again and again.

5. Share the gift of yoga with people you love

If you benefit from yoga and want to #GoDeeper, you can probably think of a few loved ones who would also benefit. For some people, the idea of heading to a studio can cause a panic attack… But learning from you is a whole different thing. It took 5 years, but both my husband and my father now come to class 1-2x per week. They avoided yoga on purpose before I started teaching in our community; it was all just too scary and uncomfortable. Now, they spread the word about my classes and retreats, and affirm their experience every time they show up to their mats. I’ve even seen them practicing on their own! Be prepared to transform your communities by investing in yourself. Win-win.

Ready to sign up and get started?

What to look for:


  • Experienced and respected instructors
  • In-depth, hands-on curriculum, including hands-on assists
  • Class design for individual and group sessions
  • Adaptive and/or therapeutic yoga postures
  • Inquiry-based learning and teaching methods
  • Conscious Communication and/or Non-Violent Communication
  • Understanding bodies, bio-individuality & alignment
  • A multidimensional learning experience that will #GoDeep into the 8-fold path of yoga

Have questions? Feel free to contact us at any time about our YTT beginning in the Fall!